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Future of work - Alight HR Transformation Hong Kong Human Resource Consulting professionals are attempting to envision what the future workforce will resemble. With the ascent of recent innovations like AI MI and Robotics and assuring the future of work can appear to be an overwhelming assignment. The key objective of automation is to increase productivity and performance through which profitability can be improved. Companies must inspire their workers to grasp change by enabling them to challenge existing capabilities in a safe domain. The principal level is creating opportunities like workshop and training. Exposing employees to the fascinating things they can do with innovation and technology AI and robotics and test them to think differently. Carrying that into the good workspace requires us to set aside a specific amount of time and effort to think differently. Role of human resource consulting professionals The future of work will make extraordinary challenges for HR experts as it will be the blend of HR automation and augmented reality. This requires both employees and innovation work along with innovation to empower the employees to work at anytime and anywhere. 1. Re-Conceptualization: It is necessary not only for a particular independent task presented in a well-organized procedure but as a collaborative problem- solving process where people and machine work together to bring in excellent transformation but with positive outcomes. 2. Re-skill: Continuous knowledge update and advancement would create a noteworthy impact on the social and critical skills of the employee. The individuals who effectively rethink and reskill their organization will get benefited by new opportunities

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3. Creativity: Adopting creative minds drive new techniques and attract innovations. People and Organizations who might need to master both social and technical skills would stand ahead of the work. 4. Pro-active mindset: Human resource consulting and hr transformation experts need to proactively devise the procedure to manage this enormous change by re-designing and automating the work process and redesign the work for technology and innovation. Will automation create job loss Research has said that 80 of employment in 2030 hasnt been created yet. So we cant predict how the job opportunities will be later on and how they will be. Automation will create job loss in the future is a myth. For example automated cars might create job loss for drivers but people need resources to manage automated systems like GPS to ensure the safety of the vehicles. The jobs will be lost in certain areas and more will be created. All it requires is the open mind to adapt to new changes.

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