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How to Become a Pilot PROGRAM - 2017

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Become a First Officer with HM Aviation Many people dream of a career as a pilot. It is an exciting career with unlimited growth potential. A pilot is a career with great earning potential and an exciting career with the opportunity to see the world both on and off work. 08 Nov 2017 India

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A pilot almost always joins an airline as a first officer. Although a candidate usually joins as a first officer a lot has to be accomplished first. One must first decide they want to become a pilot and then obtain the proper training. HM Aviation has one of the best professional pilot programs around. This program takes an individual from no experience all the way to a first officer position within an airline. Most graduates from the program advance to evoking a captain after a few years of joining the airline.

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An expert career councilor from HM Aviation will first discuss the career goals with the individual. The person will then undergo an interview and receive ground school and simulator training to prepare them for flight training in Canada the United States South Africa or New Zealand. The opportunity to train in another country is an experience so many dream of but so few have.

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After completion of flight training HM Aviation prepares the students for the entire selection process of an airline. After aptitude testing simulator evaluations and interviews the candidate is ready to join the airline as a first officer. The candidate will usually join an airline as a first officer on an aircraft such as the Boeing 737 or Airbus A-320. Many join airlines on aircraft such as the Dash-8 or Q-400. As a junior first officer most candidates will start off on domestic routes and work their way up to international routes. After some experience and when the candidate has proven the self they will have the opportunity to upgrade to captain. HM Aviation offers an excellent program leading to the airlines. There has never been a better time.

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About The Company – You can now become a commercial pilot by simply enrolling for the pilot training course at HM Aviation. India Address:- HM Aviation Pvt. Ltd Rajouri Garden New Delhi

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209/211 Ansal Classic Tower Delhi India 110027 Phone No: +8377901576 Website: www.hmaviation.net Face Book: https://www.facebook.com/hmaviationindia T witter: https://twitter.com/Hmaviationindia Email: infohmaviation.net Tags: Pilot Training Pilot Training in India Best Pilot Training in India How to Become a Pilot Commercial Pilot Training Commercial Pilot License Cheapest Pilot Training Private Pilot License Top Pilot Training School in India..

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