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From an essay by the same title comes this presentation of each subtopic or issue. The non-custodial is no parent at all -- as the authority has been taken by the state and reapportioned in full to the custodial parent. Yes, absolute authority does corrupt...


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“A Parent’s Plea” From Plight of a Parent : 

“A Parent’s Plea” From Plight of a Parent Inspired by the latest events in a long saga of parental alienation, a non-custodial shares his perspective on the injustices and maltreatment of the divorce industry in the demise of his marriage and family. hkirkrainer.org – AUDIO, 2009

A Non-custodial Perspective… : 

A Non-custodial Perspective… This personal perspective has been prepared in 2009 following the latest of many events in the life one non-custodial. In the body of this perspective is some account of what a parent incurs when removed from his children for no apparent reason other than someone’s want for divorce . Where lies a future for the non-custodial? hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

Nothing but a paycheck… : 

Nothing but a paycheck… Child enforcement views the non-custodial as only a payee or debtor, whereas the non-custodial pleas to be a parent or dad. Effort to restore this once-held position is largely a factor of financing that, in the raw sense, is nothing less than an effort to redeem his children from the state. Without any financing, the non-custodial must either accept the charge to go away (yet pay); or risk the possibility of being condemned as a criminal in the effort to take back that which has been unjustifiably taken from him. hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

Derelict in supporting marriage : 

Derelict in supporting marriage Nearly nine years have passed and, if anything is certain, it is that she has yet to find the happiness for which the court attempted to grant her. One might question whether it is the state’s responsibility to ensure personal happiness, but from my perspective, the court was derelict in supporting marriage and families in that it rewarded the one responsible for dissolving the marriage and dismembering the family; while at the same time, the court punished the one who attempted to sustain the family and even save the marriage. hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

Divorce as an Industry : 

Divorce as an Industry Divorce is a thriving business made so by no-fault or uncontested divorce. Statistics bear out that no-fault has been the single largest factor to burgeoning divorce, giving right to one who wants divorce at the immediate expense of the children and family as well as the long-term devaluing of conventional marriage. In short, no-fault has reduced marriage from a contract to a relationship of convenience and, in the totality, has weakened this once sacred trust to the degree that marriage is losing integrity and today’s young are losing interest in this bond. hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

The lesser of two parents : 

The lesser of two parents During the divorce trial, I referred to myself as “the lesser of two parents”. On this remark, the judge was quick to point-out that, although she had been divorced herself, she was impartial or fair in her judgment. At the end of the day, my losses included: my marriage and role as a husband, my children and role as a parent, my home and place in my family, my income…and other lesser things. I did not want or seek the divorce; yet, I lost everything as a consequence…and she seemingly won. hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

Stephen Baskerville, Father’s Day : 

Stephen Baskerville, Father’s Day This Fathers’ Day, America remains in disgrace, with millions of children inexcusably separated from their parents for no justifiable reason. For parents and children enduring this unfathomable agony, we cannot provide immediate relief. But perhaps we can provide one thing that may help you to persevere: hope including the assurance that your suffering may become the means to prevent it in others and to restore the American family and our civilization . hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

No risks to Say Anything : 

No risks to Say Anything The divorce hearing and trial presented an increasing realization that the court did not (or would not) hold my wife accountable for her claims or allegations. In other words, she was given impunity for any allegation however outlandish or unsubstantiated. Further, the court did not consider the motive behind her issued restraining order (coincident with the complaint for divorce). In effect, the courts gave (or have given) the license to lie and the latitude to create law; two liberties that seemingly would defy the presumed pursuit of truth as the basis of possible justice. hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

Motive of Restraint : 

Motive of Restraint The restraining order did not produce the intended result in terms of alleged abuse (sometimes called the “Silver Bullet Technique ”), but it did establish precedence in Florida that would prove essential to her desire and purpose to destroy my relationship with our children on top of the marriage and family structure. The restraining order(s) and the current injunction (February, 2006) represent a series of allowance and tolerances by the courts. In addition to the license to lie and latitude to create law, she has been granted to the longitude to violate the law in principle— exemption from implication or culpability as one above this law. hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

Motive of Restraint : 

Motive of Restraint I am the only person in the world who is legally prevented from having any contact with my children. Her latitude to create law has been the means by which a series of temporary orders were issued and, at last, an injunction that restrains in perpetuity. Her exemption from this law was last practiced in May of 2008 (just before my arrest and extradition). Placing an unidentified call at my workplace, the return of the apparent business transaction became record for the allegation of aggravated stalking. This violation of her law has been practiced in several forms and on several occasions… hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

Absolute Authority corrupts… : 

Absolute Authority corrupts… When given absolute authority and inexplicable exemptions, one can exploit their liberties to the degree that their conscience allows. They can or will: • Lie routinely and repeatedly without any risk of reprimand or perjury • Issue restraining orders predicated on false allegations or a distorted profile of the other parent • Violate this self-enacted law in order to implicate the other parent and, if possible, incriminate them hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

How far (or low) we they go? : 

How far (or low) we they go? How far will a parent go to destroy the other parent…or at least destroy the parent-child relationship? …they can or will: • Program the children into believing that the other parent does not care for them or love them; they may even tell the children that the other parent has abandoned them • Threaten the children that any contact with other parent will lead to his arrest and incarceration; and then follow through on this threat when necessary or enabled by the courts • Compel or force the children to testify against the parent—though the children have not exchanged a word with the parent in nearly eight (8) years on since the oldest was eleven hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

Beyond the “best interest”… : 

Beyond the “best interest”… The consequences of such maltreatment or misuse of the children are well understood by the medical community; yet the liberties of such parents (as already described) do not stop with the best interest of the children. Indeed, the children become another tool to be leveraged in the arsenal of the parent left unchecked of their own devices. Thus, the one alleging or parading to be the abused becomes the principle abuser of the true victims, the children. Where possession is said to be nine-tenths of the law, both “the system” and children become tools for the parent’s purpose, however maniacal. hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

What may happen… : 

What may happen… Over time, some children come to see the writing on the wall; the hard truth that a parent endowed with their complete trust has deceived, threatened and abused for the central purpose of destroying their other parent. What’s more, they fall prey to similar treatment should their discovery reach fruition. In other words, the children (as adults) may experience the basic some semblance of false allegations and certain alienation should they seek out the parent long lost by the undoing of the courts. In the experience of such dysfunctional relations is the very real matter of abuse that may be overlooked by the self-proclaimed advocates of the children. hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

In the worst of possible outcomes : 

In the worst of possible outcomes In the worst of possible outcomes would be one or more of my children shattered by the experience described above; the realization that the relationship most trusted is replete with lies and deception. But the damage does not stop there— simply because the young adult must now try to pick-up the pieces and rediscover, if possible, a relationship torn asunder over the expressed pursuit of and right to personal happiness (or parent-child destruction) at any cost. hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

Conduct of the courts : 

Conduct of the courts Forced to abdicate my role as their caretaker and custodian, I have been ordered by the state to surrender all commitment and promises made to my children. To expand on the position of child enforcement (as described at the introduction), my parental role died with divorce. Not only am I to “go away…and pay”, but as to my children, to accept the attitude of “come what may”. As a once parent, but now non-custodial, I cannot describe the depth at which the conduct of the court has changed my life…and that of my children’s lives too. hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

…and the consequences : 

…and the consequences From this model has spawned programs that seemingly: • Impute the non-custodial with the highest degree or amount of child support • Imprison debtors of this system debunking the belief that the U.S. does not have debtor’s prison • Implicate the children as merely another means to generate state revenue • Impart all forms of punitive measures aimed at punishing the parent beyond the losses aforementioned As Stephen Baskerville notes on this subject of federally subsidized child enforcement… hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

Taxation with representation : 

Taxation with representation This model has returned some citizens to taxation without representation and, with the collective divorce industry, has sacrificed marriage and family at the altar of greed— though couched under more acceptable causes or phrases. As I’ve explained this model to acquaintances, the initial response is of total disbelief. hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

Professionals The children’s best interest : 

Professionals The children’s best interest That some professionals have stooped to the level at which divorce is more lucrative than marriage does not shock me. The prevailing attitude among the general public leaves little doubt about the true interest (or nature) of these types who claim to be the children’s advocate. Such individuals (of which I’ve a met a few) would most likely not be aware of my children’s death either (as I described earlier); but in actuality, would not be the least bit concerned unless they were being paid to participate with token platitudes and playacting. It’s about the money for this type…and nothing more. hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

…and agencies too : 

…and agencies too Complicit in this divorce industry is the agencies that are driven to collect from the parent driven from the family. In this whole process is the ironic return of taxation without representation; which of course, is one reason why our forefathers fought against tyranny. As with the professionals described above, the agencies would not be present to extend their condolences or console the bereaved unless the death was the non-custodial. For in this one loss of the family would be a legitimate reason for the agency to consider child support modification. hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

Life without Father (1995) : 

Life without Father (1995) Over a decade ago, David Popenoe described the state of fatherhood in his book Life without Father (1995) in the U.S. The end result of many cultural, social, and economic trends…is a society surprisingly unsupportive of fatherhood. Indeed, if one were specifically to design a culture and a social system for the express purpose of undercutting fatherhood and men’s contribution to the family life, our current society would be close to what would result. hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

Competing with absolute authority : 

Competing with absolute authority I have witnessed enough injustice in the justice system so as to leave me with little doubt that the same tyranny that taxed our forefathers is now at large in the divorce industry. Besides fleecing the family and taxing the destitute dads, this tyranny is destroying the very institution for which a free society depends. How does one compete with absolute authority that takes no responsibility? The future will tell. hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

Final NotesFleecing the family : 

Final NotesFleecing the family As Stephen Baskerville published in the Institute for Policy Innovation, The more child support collected, the more money the state receives from the federal government. But the fleecing the family does not stop with money; no, the family is fleeced by courts that reward the guilty and punish the innocent; that encourage and enable divorce and, in turn, devalue marriage as an institution and dismember fathers as a central member of the conventional family. What is to become of the millions of displaced children who are unjustifiably disowned from a parent and paternal family through the allowances and tolerances of the court? hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

Final NotesThe state and its operatives : 

Final NotesThe state and its operatives No-fault divorce is a method for which the state is superceding authority over parents. Stephen Baskerville has noted the father’s removal initiates the problems for the state to solve, and because the state and its operatives are then perceived as the solution and not the problem, their mistakes and misdeeds justify their continued existence and limitless expansion as the problem-solvers. As far fetched as it may seem, can no-fault and the divorce industry be instruments for the state to seize control of our children? Yes…the future will tell. hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

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