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One of several stories under the general title of "For A Time and Season", the content describes my first jail experience. I never imagined that I would go to jail for trying to be a parent to my own children; but then again, I was not familiar with the law and its devices.


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hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO This presentation is adapted from the short story, “A Time for Jail” written in 2006 as part of a series, For a Time & Season

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The Injunction What I did not consider in detail was that my ex-wife had an Injunction forbidding any contact with them and, if violated, would mean arrest and conviction with all the consequences… Guess I wasn’t thinking…Yep, I forgot about the Injunction. hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

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The Ballgame I will never forget seeing all of them play… I embarked on the risky and costly decision to attend my kid’s ball games…. I cannot tell you how proud I am…but can tell that I will never forget this moment. hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

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The Arrest Hey, if I’m innocent until proven guilty, why am I being detained? From the initial handcuffing and escort from my workplace, I was made aware that I was innocent until proven guilty. hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

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The Shame Aside from what may seem like sarcasm (toward the system) the truth was that I was deeply ashamed for being in jail and having made a serious mistake in violating the injunction. hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO I did make a mistake… but why am I the only parent penalized for seeing his children at the ball game?

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Low-spirited periods of my personal life have come and gone – but was never more poignant than in the hours to come. As I waited with several others… Low-Spirited hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO Still, I was responsible; I chose to see my children knowing the risk of…

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Running By What was particularly ironic about this view was that the road was a leg of my running route…. I had looked from the opposite side at the jail and wondered what it must be like… hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

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A Phone Call As the December day came to a close, the view came to end…. The 24-hour confinement is not absolute and, with a signal to the guard, does allow you to make a phone call. hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

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An Encounter Among the characters that I encountered in containment, the most memorable was a fellow who attested to be Jesus incarnate. I don’t remember the guy’s actual name… hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

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To associate the state of mind would be to flashback to the days after my divorce – when I would stay up early into the morning and rehash everything that led to the trial and the end of marriage and family. The Mind hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

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Raging Youth A young fellow – so he seemed – was appropriately caged like an animal and, left to himself, was sure to chew-off a limb if need be. With his volume and viciousness came counter cursing… Truce anyone? hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

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The Cloud hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO The next morning was clouded by a vague remembrance of sporadic sleep and vivid recollection of the battle – internal and otherwise.

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The Arraignment hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO Later that morning, some of the others and I were taken to an internal court room where – on video conferencing – a judge presented each case …over broadband.

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The Baker Act For the benefit of the reader – who may not be familiar with Florida’s Baker Act or similar acts – it allows a judge or similar authority to initiate… hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

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Still, I had to wonder what became of the Parental Fitness Evaluation that I was court-ordered to complete it 2003… Another Evaluation? hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO ?

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Expensive Game! If I was to weigh… my bail, my sentence would be more extreme than that for possession of drugs, drunken driving, driving without a license, and any number of other cases heard that day… hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

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The Baker I was led to another room to meet with a representative from Mental Health… Apparently, this meeting (or interview) was a necessary pre-qualifier for Florida’s Baker Act… hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

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The Block …the cell was much different than before: when I went looking for a Bible, someone handed me one; when I could use an aspirin, someone gave me one; and when I found the urge to talk, they talked. hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

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The Doc Late that evening I would be transferred to the hospital; there, I would be evaluated for most of the next morning by a psychologist and a counselor… hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

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The Discovery As far as Discovery, I could only reason that if Ponce de Leon had followed the same process in his historical voyage(s), that he would never have founded St. Augustine… hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

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The Offenses As I close this story, I must share a paraphrase of each charge or offense on Violation of an Injunction against Potential Violence or as sometimes described… hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO

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hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO …my desire is not to gain sympathy or pity for myself; but rather to convey my deepest sense of loss for my children – both now and potentially into their adulthood. My Sense

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hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO I may find some common ground with many of theses guys as well: they’re incarcerated in part because they did not have a caring father; I was (and may again be) incarcerated for trying to be one. Fatherless Felons

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hkirkrainer.org - AUDIO The Children “A Time for Jail” is written primarily for my children – that they will have the benefit of knowing (or at least being exposed) to my efforts as a parent.

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