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In a WORD was the beginning; it was my attempt at some project-type presentation for my alienated children. Based largely on beliefs and experiences, I compiled a continuum of words and, from thought, produced up to a page of content. So goes In a WORD


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WORD In a Letters from a Father to his Children By H. Kirk Rainer 2004 – 2007 Revised 2010 - Audio

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Today, I begin these letters at the urging of your grandfather - who suggested that it would be helpful to you as you read it for the first time and possibly for years to come… These letters have enabled me to reach out to you in a personal, transparent & enduring way; and have encouraged me to document my own beliefs as a Christian and convey them to you. My hope and prayer is that In a Word will be a source of encouragement, entertainment and instruction for you and for others as well. - Audio

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In a WORD is about… - Audio

Being a : 

Being a parent, step-parent and a father The absence of both parents in the family has produced a host of social problems and elevated risks for the children: lower performance in school and higher drop-out rates; out-of-wedlock pregnancy; and increased drug and other criminal activity. - Audio



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In addressing the role of the father, or fatherhood, my words must be carefully chosen as my heart has been changed through a litany of court-related events and conditions. Through the course of this legal process, the possibility to become disgusted and even bitter has been a recurring threat – which could be cause for either assuming a victim status or establishing a permanent and monumental chip on my shoulder. But with some reserve, let me continue with my comments on the important and irreplaceable role of a father or father-figure in the lives of children. Fatherhood is a much-needed resource in the family with the capacity to make radical change in the lives of children through direct and indirect influence. Without going into the history of this key role, or the plight of diminished influence from the media and other sources, fatherhood should stand the test of time and social changes that threaten the value of the father and the… - Audio

Expressing myself in : 

words, verse, pictures & illustrations still, this possibility does not deter me from preparing the letters as a continuation and expression of my thoughts concerning all matters and events pertaining to our separation. Care is an expression of love in a sense, and usually includes tending to one’s needs and comfort as well as being conscience and sensitive. Expressing myself in - Audio

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Silence is without noise or sound; to be silent is to refrain from comment or speech or even any form of communication. Silence does not necessarily mean that you don’t have an opinion or voice; it means that you are purposely or actively refraining from communication to listen or because you don’t have sufficient information. Similar to some Proverbs, the quote from Abe Lincoln advises silence and reservation as a substitute for foolish conversation or behavior. The Book of Ecclesiastes tells us that there is a time to be silent and a time to speak – the challenge may be figuring out each time! In the Book of Acts, the Ethiopian eunuch read from the book of Isaiah: He was lead like a sheep to the slaughter, and a lamb before the shearer is silent, so he did not open his mouth. In his humiliation he was deprived of justice… - Audio

Sharing my : 

experience, knowledge, opinion & passion Families might be considered as a chain in that they ideally function as interlinked or dependent units; they are not completely alike but still have a lot of similarities and shared interests that bound them together. Sharing my - Audio

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Tears are literally an outpouring of our emotions. Tears can indicate extreme relief, happiness, sadness, or terror. Sometimes when we laugh a lot, tears come to our eyes…and out of our nose. When we see a sad or gut-wrenching scene in a movie, such as when Dan and Ann (the dogs) die in Where the Red Fern Grows, we get all choked-up. The idea of this boy’s dogs dying in the prime of their hunting lives seems unfair or unnecessary. But aside from the variety of movies that move us, real life circumstances can also produce real tears that cover the range or real emotions in our lives. When we are moved, tears are a way of expressing our sensitivity – tears are an outward expression of an inward feeling, emotion, and even general disposition. A person who loves horses may cry during the recent production, Sea Biscuit, or some of the earlier movies of similar line such as The Man from Snowy-River, Black Beauty, or National Velvet… - Audio

Communicating with my : 

Lord, wife, children, step-children & others which means that we should know Jesus as Lord, meditate on the God’s gift of salvation and forgiveness, confess our sins, and partake with thanksgiving and heart of worship and reverence. Never take this opportunity lightly but with an understanding, mindset, and heart on Jesus and the priceless gift of salvation. Communicating with my - Audio

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A situation usually describes a condition or circumstance. The English seem to use this word more often than Americans – but this is only a casual observation. To understand the present situation, the participant(s) must first accept the represented conditions and circumstances. Consider the following example in mine and your lives. For several years, the situation of your and my estrangement or separation has been, in the most basic description, a situation. To accept the conditions and circumstances is to realize that your best interest and genuine care is not a priority; indeed, the single-parent lifestyle forced on you has placed your present and future lives at greater risks, hardship and difficulty. Though the situation grieves me, acceptance is a necessary step toward change for the better as Peter McWilliams describes below… - Audio

Providing : 

guidance, direction & understanding Providing And now, as I have prayed before and as I will continue to pray, watch over this young precious girl and provide for her needs, her protection and her care. Encouragement means to provide moral support or to give someone “courage” to face a problem or challenge. - Audio

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Research can occur in a variety of ways from a simple home experiment to a heavily funded project involving multiple institutions, agencies, and other stakeholders. Research, by its definition, involves experimentation and exploration, to examine the unknown and uncertain for greater knowledge and certainty. Though we may think of research as a laboratory with white-gowned scientist such as the fellow to the right, the fact-of-the-matter is that research or R&D occurs in other forums and among other characters as well. Universities and similar agencies conduct much of this R&D under government and private grants and fellowships; but such endeavors are not restricted to the academia. Animals can conduct a bit of R&D; take the other character below, for example. Many of the rat, mouse, and similar vermin participate in experiments all the time… - Audio

Giving my time and attention to : 

the needs of those who may benefit Giving my time and attention to Realize that you have been given a healthy, functioning body and mind. Please don’t destroy this precious gift by the momentary pleasures or acceptance gained from drug abuse. - Audio

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What does it mean to overcome; is it better than failing, getting by, or surviving? To overcome opposition is certainly not failing; it is more that getting by or surviving; and is possibly more or at least different from winning. In 1 John, the question of “Who overcomes the world?” is answered as “he who believes that Jesus is the son of God”. When I think of this word, the immediate thought is often of the 1960’s and the black population’s plight for racial equity. The familiar verse, “We’ll shall overcome” comes to mind as the anthem or creed for this group who may have equated themselves in early time periods to the Hebrews in Egypt. At the core of this movement was one man’s belief that love, not violence, would be essential to the effort to overcome oppression, segregation, and racism… - Audio

Creating a legacy for : 

the generations that follow my own Creating a legacy for The human was designed and manufactured as God’s greatest creation; altogether conceived in his image, the body is the temple of God made to please and glorify him. …because God created you, you have value and purpose; it is not an unrealistic sense of grandeur but rather an honest assessment of your character. - Audio



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The word, “remembrance”, is usual applied to the history of war, and the fallen or victims of desolation, destruction, and despair. These victims may include the fallen but, in addition, those who endured hardship and difficulty during a perilous period. Refugees displaced because of conquest, religion, and race are among the remaining and the fallen who may not have directly engaged in battle, but no less deserve or have earned the right to be honored and remembered for generations to come. In our civil war, remembrance is applied all who fought and suffered through this most divisive period of our history. Hundreds of thousands died by one means or another, while still many more suffered from the losses both in kin and in property. Even today, and perhaps for unforeseeable future, this war and its casualties are memorialized each year for the sacrifice and the costs to both sides… - Audio

Fostering a : 

degree of trust in relationships Fostering a In the process, I have grown to appreciate the accomplishments of other step-parents, foster parents, and otherwise guardians with no natural connection. I am thankful and blessed with the gift of children, step-children, and children in general. - Audio



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It is Saturday, June 11 – days before Father’s day and my birthday. I am so blessed by God for all who are a part of my life. My desire to give thanks has not been without some reservation considering that we have not seen each other in almost four years; yet, I must give thanks for all that which God has given me. The uncertainty of your general well-being has sometimes plagued me with worry and regret – I have anguished much over the condition that prevails, the covenants that were broken, and the consequences that have and will develop in your precious lives. My desire and plan was never to subject you to a life disparate from one or both parents; indeed, my desire was to be present, accessible, and giving as parent should be. Yet, with time and prayer of many, has come a peace that you and I will one day be together again; and in the interim, that you are protected and doing well. As I think of you often, daily even, I must be thankful … - Audio

Serving my : 

Lord and my fellow man Serving my Esther was placed in this powerful role by providence; she was serving God by ensuring that her people (the Jewish captives) were not destroyed by evil leaders among the King’s court. God in his patience and mercy, has allowed me to once again worship and serve him – I am fortunate! - Audio



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A Cub Scout is tasked with doing a good deed; which mean he/she must perform some act that results in goodness. Doing a good deed benefits both the receiver and the giver; the giver benefits with a sense of good doing while the receiver accepts the kindness and generosity. Deeds can be both good and wicked; in other words, the outcome can be intended to help someone or to hurt them. Don’t confuse a wicked deed as one that results in hurt – it is the intention of the giver that differentiates the two types of deeds. If the intention was not to hurt but to help, the deed is still good. In the ordeals of the day, we may hurt someone else having never intended to do so; but sensitivity to such ordeals may enable us to apologize if not altogether limit the possibility. Our words, or the tongue to use the Biblical term, can be a real source of evil deeds in the form of gossip, lies, and other character-damaging conversation… - Audio

Offering a : 

possibility for peace and reconciliation Offering a Present on the field of battle, King Saul was the closest in height to Goliath but, as you probably know, did not offer himself to the verbal challenge. Sent to the front to deliver food to his brothers, young David becomes the most unexpected victor in the challenge of Goliath. Faith in God won out over physical dominance. - Audio



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When something is “lost”, it cannot be found…at least for the moment. If never found again, we might say it is lost for good. The loss of something is not usually a good thing; particularly, if the something was highly valued and even loved. Sometimes the something lost is, well, ourselves; for example, we may get lost while visiting a different neighborhood, town, or even country. Though a map is useful, the directions or our location-destination may still be unclear; at the same time, a person familiar with the area could be really useful – but than, you have to ask for information in the first place and, for some, this exercise can be most humbling. Why stop and ask when you still have a half tank of gas? … - Audio

Following the : 

order to nurture and instruct Following the Both learning and succeeding in our duties begins with a good attitude: a willingness to try our best, to accept any set-backs or shortcomings, and to remain vigilant in our effort and objectives at hand. With a good attitude, the steps that follow become easier with time while enabling us to take on more duties, responsibility, and leadership. - Audio

Planting, Sowing, and Reaping for a : 

Planting, Sowing, and Reaping for a bountiful harvest The mission was to present the intimacy that the Lord offers in our relationship with him; and that should be present by all means in our relationship with our children and children in our charge. - Audio

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