Anorectal: Minimum blood loss surgery. Faster recovery.

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Minimum blood loss surgery. Faster recovery. Hinduja Healthcare introduces The Surgery Clinic Anorectal 9:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Saturday 11th Road Khar W Mumbai - 400 052. For Appointments: +91 22 4510 8989 / 6154 8989 ∞ For Enquiries: +91 22 2646 9999 / 6174 6000 For Emergency: +91 22 6174 6099 / 98 ∞

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Anorectal disorders are a collection of medical conditions that affect the anal canal. These disorders are a common reason for visits to primary care physicians surgeons and gastroenterologists. Anorectal disorders can significantly impair a person’s quality of life. Anorectal disorders Treatment: Diet regularising bowel habit sitz bath hot fomentation and lifestyle changes are often the first-line therapies for haemorrhoids minor irritation and FI. When conservative therapy is not effective following treatments are offered for piles: Painful swelling in perianal region may represent the presence of an anorectal abscess. Treatment of an abscess requires incision and drainage of the abscess under anaesthesia. Abscess if not treated properly may lead to formation of high level fistula or low level fistula in Ano. Treatment will vary as it depends on the condition or type of fistula. Often MRI of perineum is required to rule out nature of fistula. 1. Band ligation 2. Sclerotherapy or infrared coagulation for haemorrhoids 3. Surgery in the form of Ligation and excision of piles can be considered if the piles are large and symptomatic • Piles / Haemorrhoids • Anal fissures • Fistula in Ano • Perianal abscess • Fecal incontinence FI • Excessive perineal descent • Pruritus ani • Proctalgia Diagnosis: Diagnosis is made by a history of symptoms inspection and digital rectal examination. THROMBOSED EXTERNAL PILE FISTULA FISSURE SENTINEL PILE INTERNAL PILE PRURITUS ANI ANAL WARTS Common anorectal disorders include:

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