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Home Care Lancaster is a trusted provider of senior care in Lancaster County, facilitating older adults with expert and customizable caregiving services – in the comfort of their home and allowing them age in place with family and cherished memories around – to maintain physical fitness and overall health and also helping to cope with mental decline by using unique methods for care.


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Learn About Home Care Lancaster:

Learn About Home Care Lancaster By Home Care Assistance of Lancaster

Reasons To Choose Home Care Lancaster:

Reasons To Choose Home Care Lancaster We are honored to be the preferred, leading provider of professionals in senior and medical communities featuring our:

1. Highly-Qualified and Trained Caregivers:

1. Highly-Qualified and Trained Caregivers While maintaining the highest hiring standards, we basically appoint caregivers who demonstrate extraordinary professional experience, honesty and precision to senior care. We also train and supervise to guarantee the quality to be never compromised.

2. Proficient Live-in and Respite Care:

2. Proficient Live-in and Respite Care Senior Home Care Lancaster has been the leading provider of live-in care for over a decade. While facilitating with flexible hourly home care, we specialize in 24 hours comprehensive live-in care for older adults, providing the opportunity to enjoy quality of life and age in place. Our knowledgeable caregivers specialize in providing seniors with alternative to facility based living by assistance to accomplish day-to-day tasks and encourage nurturing a healthy lifestyle in golden years.

3. Comprehensive Care:

3. Comprehensive Care Our high caliber caregivers ensure the safety of seniors and help to manage the symptoms of Parkinson’s, dementia and Alzheimer’s and provide caregiving services to enhance the post-stroke rehabilitation – Post-Hospitalization Care – at home as well as bedside at the hospital. We help to enhance lifestyle quality by providing seniors with assistance for: Meal Preparation Daily exercising Toileting, Dressing & Bathing Medication Reminders Companionship Light Housekeeping Transportation Mobility Assistance

4. Compassionate Care:

4. Compassionate Care Our care plans not only comprise assistance with day-to-day activities and maintaining overall wellbeing, but it also includes encouraging seniors to socialize and find enjoyment. Our friendly caregivers offer companionship if seniors are hesitant to go out and socialize. It involves teaching them to use internet and socialize, playing games, cooking, reading, sharing thoughts, dancing, and much more; anything they like to do or need someone else to partner them performing activities that interest them.


Facilitating Overall Wellbeing with Our Unique, Evidence Based Methods

1. Balanced Care Method™:

1. Balanced Care Method™ Balanced Care Method is our holistic, evidence based approach that encourages seniors to consume nutritious diet, engage in regular physical activity, social and mental stimulation, and promote a sense of purpose to nurture overall wellbeing and longevity . Lancaster Home Care successfully implements this method by managing and working with specific lifestyle behaviors to extend and enhance life of people in golden years, inspiring them live happier, healthier, longer and more balanced lives.

Cognitive Therapeutics Method™:

Cognitive Therapeutics Method™ Cognitive Therapeutics Method is a science based approach specifically designed to; Slow mental decline Delay the onset of dementia Prepare a routine to look forward to and follow Regain a sense of accomplishment and pride Engage with others in a pleasing manner


Continue.... These techniques guarantee improvement in elderly with memory impairments by activities involving attention, visual-spatial perception, memory, language and executive functioning, like reasoning, judgment, problem solving and thought flexibility, speech repetition, comprehension, naming and writing. It also involves the ability to correctly recognize any object’s location and understand the correlation between objects. It refers to the ability to remember information and use it whenever needed.


Continue.... Families don’t have to care for their aging loved ones all by themselves. Lancaster Home Care offers complimentary in-home consultation to customize a care plan according to their needs. Call our reliable Care Managers available 24/7 at 717-540-4663 and learn how we can help your loved one age in place.

Home Care Assistance of Lancaster Contact Details:

Home Care Assistance of Lancaster Contact Details Website: www.homecareassistancelancaster.com Call: 717-540-4663 Email: info@homecareassistancelancaster.com Address: 2304 Linglestown Road Harrisburg, PA 17110

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