Increase Punch Strength by Punch Bag Training

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Landing a good punch is not a gift, but the result of training. Punches need to land on the spot intended, with the desired intensity and, at times, repetitively.


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Increase Punch Strength by Punch Bag Training Landing a good punch is not a gift but the result of training. Punches need to land on the spot intended with the desired intensity and at times repetitively. It is important to understand that the advantage of physique and long reach needs to be leveraged with proper training. On a similar note individuals not endowed with the advantage of a great reach have compensated their lack of reach with deadly punches. Here are a few tips that will help one to land blows in a manner that seals duels in their favour. Weight of punch bag It all begins with the bag. The bag that you pound during training needs to be of the proper weight. The ideal bag weight depends on the body weight of the individual. However it would be a good idea to start off training with a standard 100-pound bag. After a certain period of training it can be scaled up gradually. The idea is to be able to deliver a good sock without feeling the jarring effects of the punch throughout the body on impact. Speed of punches Punch speed is essential to score a good one. The speed with which punches are landed needs to be increased over time with training. It is all about conditioning and strengthening the muscles. Sore muscles laden with lactic acid slow down the speed with which punches are landed. However over a period of time proper conditioning achieved through practice should help to increase the speed of punches. Punches landed in quick succession are key to victory. Weighted punches To up the ante the best method would be to try weighted punches. Holding a compact weight of around three pounds in the hand while delivering the punches to the bag will help to improve the intensity of the punches. Punching bag training sessions are around three to four minutes each running into four rounds. The four rounds need to be power packed sessions throwing heavy punches at the right place with deadly effect. Weighted punches will increase power and help to improve the speed of punches not laden with weight.

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