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DC/DC–AC/DC Converters Rated up to 255 W atts UL, cUL Recognized Isolations to 12kV for Medical Applications ROHS Compliant Short Lead T imes High MTBF Rates Continuous Short Ci r cuit P r otected Switching Regulators SI P , DI P , SMD, DIN Rail and Chassis Mounting

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SIP P ackage DC-DC W ide Input, non-isolated, Regulated Series SMD P ackage SIP P ackage DIP P ackage SIP P ackage DC-DC Converter ±5%, ±10% input range Regulated and unregulated output Continuous short circuit protection High isolation up to 12KVDC Operating temperature up to 105ºC Low ripple & noise Medical standard compliance Meet RoHS, CE, UL standard P ower/ Input V oltage Output V oltage Isolation Series Current (VDC) (VDC) (VDC) P ackage MHK8S03B 3.5mA 7.5 3.3 1KVDC SIP M1WCB_XT 5 1W 1KVDC 5 SMD M1WCB_D 5 5 SIP MW2B_XTR2 0.25W 5,12,24 5,12 1.5KVDC SMD M1WB_XTR2 1W 3.3,5,12,15,24 3.3,5,12,15,24 1.5KVDC SMD M1WF_XTR2 1W 3.3,5,12,15,24 3.3,5,12,15,24 3KVDC SMD M1 W A_SR2 M1WB_LSR2 1W 5,12,24 5,12,24 ±5,±12,±15,±24 5,12,15,24 1.5 KVDC SIP 1.5 KVDC SIP 1.5 KVDC DIP M1WB_SR2 1W 3.3,5,12,24 3.3,5,9,12,15,24 M1WB_DR2 1W 3.3,5,12,24 3.3,5,9,12,15,24 M1WE_SR2 5,12,24 1W 3KVDC SIP ±5,±12,±15,±24 M1WF_SR2 5,12,24 5,12,15,24 M1WG_S 5,12,24 1W 6KVDC SIP ±5,±9,±12,±15 M1WH_S 5,12,24 3.3,5,9,12,15 M1 W A Y_D 12 1W 12KVDC SIP ±12 M1WBY_D 12 12 M2 W A_SR2 5,12,24 2W 1.5KVDC ±5,±12,±15,±24 SIP M2WB_SR2 5,12,24 5,12,15,24 M2WE_SR2 ±5,±12,±15,±24 2W 5,12,24 3KVDC SIP M2WF_SR2 5,12,15,24 M2WG_S M2WH_S M3WB_T DC-DC Fixed Input, Isolated, Un r egulated Series Input V oltage Output V oltage Isolation Series P ower (VDC) (VDC) (VDC) P ackage M1WIA_KS 1W 5,12,24 ±5,±12,±15 1KVDC SIP M1WIB_LS 1W 5,12,24 5,12,15 1KVDC SIP M1WIE_KS 1W 5,12,24 ±5,±12,±15 3KVDC SIP M1WIF_S 1W 5,12,24 5,12,15 3KVDC SIP M2WIA_KS 2W 5,12,24 ±5,±12,±15 1KVDC SIP M2WIB_S 2W 5,12,24 5,12,15 1KVDC SIP M2WIF_S 2W 5,12,24 5,12,15 3KVDC SIP Input V oltage Output V oltage Series Current (VDC) (VDC) Description P ackage DC-DC Fixed Input, Isolation, Regulated Series M78xx05R2 500mA 4.75~32 3.3,5,6.5,9, -3.3,-5,-6.5,-9 High eff i cienc y , negative output SIP continuous short circuit protection M78xx10M 1000mA 4.75~20 1.5,1.8,2.5,3.3,5 High eff i cienc y , continuous short SIP circuit protection M78xx10 High eff i cienc y , continuous short 1000mA 4.75~32 1.5,1.8,2.5,3.3,5,6.5,9,12,15 SIP M78xx10L circuit protection M78xx15 High effi cienc y , continuous short 1500mA 4.75~18 1.5,1.8,2.5,3.3,5,6.5 SIP M78xx15L circuit protection M78xx20 High effi cienc y , continuous short 2000mA 4.75~18 1.5,1.8,2.5,3.3,5,6.5 SIP M78xx20L circuit protection M78xx05T 500mA 4.5~28 3.3,5,9,12,15 High eff i cienc y , continuous short SMD M78xx10T 1000mA 5~18 1.5,1.8,2.5,3.3,5,6.5 circuit protection M78xx05U M78xx05UL 500mA 9~72 3.3,5,6.5,9,12,15,24 High eff i cienc y , continuous short circuit protection SIP SMD P ackage 2W 5,12,24 5,12,24 ±5,±9,±12,±15 6KVDC 3.3,5,9,12,15 SIP 3W 5 5 1.5KVDC SMD

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