Data Portability

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Data Portability: 

Data Portability Three means for transporting data Portable Drives Removable Media Network-based Solutions

Portable Drives: 

Portable Drives USB Flash Drives Ports on most computers Cables in AC labs FireWire Drives Must be bus-powered (no power cable) Cables in AC labs Fastest means for data transfer

Removable Media: 

Removable Media Floppy Disks (1.44 mb) Inexpensive, but prone to failure Holds small amount of data Zip Disks (100 andamp; 250) Inexpensive, holds larger amount of data Compact Discs (CD) Few labs with burners Inexpensive, holds large amount of data

Network-based Solutions: 

Network-based Solutions Email Attachments Use WebMail in Labs File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Use Secure Shell Programs Blackboard Moodle Training available

Data Portability: 

Data Portability Portable Drives - USB/FireWire Removable Media - Floppy/Zip/CD Network-based Solutions - Email/FTP/Blackboard/Moodle

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