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Proposed subjects of collaboration between IHEP and CERN: 

Proposed subjects of collaboration between IHEP and CERN Linear Colliders: CLIC(CTF3) J.P. Delahaye, J. Gao, J.Q. Wang

Tentative list of possible subjects of collaboration on CTF3: 

Tentative list of possible subjects of collaboration on CTF3 IHEP has potential to contribute to some sub-systems of CTF3 Concentrate on possible subjects with well identified common interest between IHEP and CERN Beneficial to both laboratories

BEPCII – CTF3 common interest: 

BEPCII – CTF3 common interest Beam diagnostics: Bunch length measurement with 3 GHz RF cavity deflector Cavity beam position monitor Participation on the development of multi-beam klystrons at low frequency with high efficiency - Common interest to ILC, CLIC Electron clouds simulation and beam studies Common interest between BEPC2, LHC and CLIC

FEL – CTF3 Common interest: 

FEL – CTF3 Common interest Beam dynamics of short and high peak intensity bunches Bunch length manipulation and compression with magnetic chicane Beam diagnostics: Measurement of single bunch longitudinal and transverse emittances

Specific proposal of collaboration: 

Specific proposal of collaboration Possible fabrication of some magnetic components for CTF3-TL2: 5 bending magnets,17 quadrupoles (2007) Specification and material budget possibly provided by CERN Man-power provided by IHEP if workshop can be made available in due time Possibly participation to the design, construction, installation and commissioning by IHEP of TBL line (2008): Beam dynamics of short, high intensity bunches with bunch length compression Magnetic components: Bending&quadrupoles Beam diagnostics: BPM, single bunch emittance, Bunch length measurement with RF deflector.


TOTAL NEEDED 22 bending magnets 78 quadrupoes 24 sextupoles 4 septa 2 wigglers 32 correctors Number of dipoles and quadrupoles TO BE BUILT 10 bending magnets 18 quadrupoles* 1 wiggler* 10 correctors* * A design exists TL2 Transfer Line to CLEX


DUMP 8 m DUMP DUMP 40 m 1m wide passage all around TBL 30 GHz Teststand Probe beam injector DUMP DUMP Layout for CLEX floor space DUMP DUMP Instrumentation Testbeam 6 m 15 m - Test beam line (TBL) to study RF power production (5 TW at 30 GHz) and drive beam decelerator dynamics, stability & losses - Two Beam Test Stand to study probe beam acceleration with high fields at high frequency and the feasibility of Two Beam modules CLIC experimental area (CLEX)

Additional possible collaboration: 

Additional possible collaboration Mutual exchange of experts (beam studies, beam dynamics…) Participation to CTF3 Operation and beam commissioning Participation to RF conditioning of structures

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