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Tablet PC’s: 

Tablet PC’s An Ideal Tool for Administrators and Faculty Myron Anderson, Ph.D. Metropolitan State College of Denver

Tablet PC: 

Tablet PC A Tablet PC is a computer shaped in the form of a notebook or a slate with the capabilities of being written on through the use of digitizing tablet technology or a touch screen. A Client can use a stylus and operate the computer without having to have a keyboard or mouse.

The Client: 

The Client There is an increasing number of faculty and administrators at Metropolitan State College of Denver, moving toward this technology At Metro State, I interviewed faculty, administrators, reviewed publications, and other educators to ask the question………



Tablets in Education: 

Tablets in Education 'The Expanded use of devices in Higher Education--Tablets, PDAs, iPods, cell phones, interactive boards and plasma/LCD displays—continues to amaze us, as does the astounding uses for them so often driven by the educators and students themselves'. Katherine Grayson, Editor andamp; Chief Campus Technology

Tablet PC’s, An Ideal Tool For Administrators and Faculty: 

Tablet PC’s, An Ideal Tool For Administrators and Faculty The Tablet PC is yet another step in the technology integration process providing an avenue for multitasking Technology and its growth has been established, however, the continued development of robust technologies, in concert with, increased integration and creativity is the future

Is This You?: 

Is This You? MANKATO, Minn. — With the click of a mouse, Cassie Pap flips through cable TV channels, her legs pumping away on a recumbent exercise bike. She settles for MTV and reaches for the mouse to turn up the volume during her 2-mile workout. But on another day, Pap might check e-mail or write a homework assignment using a flexible keyboard that will survive hundreds of sweaty fingers. Her new options are part of the latest technology upgrade on campus: computer-equipped exercise equipment.

Is This You?: 

Is This You? Driving and/or working in your car while talking on the phone, writing down information, or formulating concepts. Drive a car while eating Watch T.V. while working on your computer Talk on the phone while sending e-mail

Do you Know This Person?: 

Do you Know This Person?

Multitasking is Natural: 

Multitasking is Natural It is becoming more natural to perform two and three tasks at a time Because of this need by the user, technologies are being developed to accommodate this need

Cell Phone Moves to Multitasking: 

Cell Phone Moves to Multitasking Evolution of the Cell Phone Talking Device Calendar Web Browser (limited browsing abilities) E-mail Abilities Web Browser Abilities (full access) Streaming Video PDAs The List is Still Growing This progression of the cell phone is an example of the movement to integrating multiple technologies into one device providing the user with the ability to multitask

The Tablet PC Assist in Multitasking: 

The Tablet PC Assist in Multitasking Administrator Real-time access to your calendar without need for synchronization Ability to take notes quietly in a meeting and save them directly to a file Ability to save hand written notes as text, then e-mail them to multiple people Ability to use the familiar stylus interface making it easier to pay attention to presentation and access information Deletion of the key board sounds when taking notes at a meeting via traditional laptop Light wait tool that will allow you to have access to an incredible amount of information i.e. office files, data bases, the world wide web, work documents, etc. Faculty Ability to perform peer reviews of instructors, take notes and submit them electronically within the review environment Ability to take notes and confirm information in research environments without the need to replicate your notes Impromptu presentations and data communication are more inviting due to the movable screen Ability to work in unique locations Provides familiarity with data entry leading in some cases to speed and efficiency

Why A Tablet PC: 

Why A Tablet PC Increases Access to Information with a Familiar Interface Increasing Multitasking Opportunities Developed by the Client

Why A Tablet PC: 

Why A Tablet PC Incorporating the technologies offered by the Tablet PC can lead to: The Creation of Time!


References Campus Technology, July 2006, vol. 19 no. 11

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