communication: the art of talking with others

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Communication : 

Communication The Art of Talking With Others

What Does Conversation Do For Us? : 

What Does Conversation Do For Us? Conversation helps: Establish connections Give us a sense of belonging

Principles of Conversation : 

Principles of Conversation Reach out Put others at ease Put yourself at ease Establish shared interests

First Impressions : 

First Impressions Receptive body language and tone of voice: Smile Eye contact Uncrossed arms Lean forward slightly Pleasant tone of voice

Breaking the Ice : 

Breaking the Ice Take initiative Offer a compliment, comment, observation and a simple question Introduce yourself

Maintaining the Conversation : 

Maintaining the Conversation

Ask Open-Ended Questions : 

Ask Open-Ended Questions Open-ended questions: Encourage more than yes or no Begin with: who, what, when, where, why, how Avoid questions that are: Offensive Controversial Nosy

Listen Actively : 

Listen Actively Listen as much as you talk Listen for ‘key words’ Nod occasionally Summarize or ask questions Hear unstated emotions Avoid changing subjects abruptly

Self-Disclose : 

Self-Disclose Disclose basic information Avoid over-disclosure Avoid irritating statements

Closing the Conversation : 

Closing the Conversation End on a positive note Signal with body language Use a kind phrase and the person’s name Avoid insincere suggestions Keep goodbye short, friendly

Resources : 

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