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Build a Habit Visualization Powerful Daily Visualization Hypnosis to Condition Your Subconscious Mind to Achieve the Ultimate Success Will Johnson Jr. Copyright © 2016 by Will Johnson Jr. All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review. DOWNLOAD FREE AUDIOBOOK HYPNOSIS here: Table of content - 7 easy steps to manifest your dreams using the power of creative visualization - Build a Habit Visualization Introduction Creative visualization is a process in which a person uses positive thoughts and expectations to bring about the fulfillment of desired goals or ambition. This process uses the concept of positive thinking and involves the use of all the senses – sight hearing touch taste and smell. It is a powerful tool that communicates a person’s confidence and creates an impact to a person’s internal and external environments. Various individuals can benefit from creative visualization – actors athletes corporate professionals and even students – people from different ages professions and

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backgrounds can definitely make use of creative visualization to make achieving their dreams possible. Creative visualization techniques use the power of the mind. One of the things it does is enable a person to conquer and eliminate the fear of failure. The fear of failure prevents a person from giving his best efforts and stops him from showing assertiveness to achieve his goals. Fears tend to limit a person’s capacity to succeed so that instead of being extraordinary a person comes up with a mediocre and “safe” performance. Creative visualization offers no room for mediocrity as it offers the individual an opportunity to visualize his success by going through the details of his plans and efforts. As a mental technique creative visualization also enhances a person’s desire and commitment to achieve. Since the technique embeds a good and positive image of success a person who undergoes creative visualization experiences a strong sense of empowerment. It gives a person the confidence he needs to do what it takes to achieve his goals. It can be noticed that a lot of successful people today achieve success because of their unrelenting passion and belief in what they can do. Successful people are largely optimistic and have the discipline to continuously pursue their goals. This audiobook will show you how your thoughts affect your actions and behavior ultimately affecting your life. In this audiobook you will also get to discover and use the power and influence of creative imagination to real life scenarios. You will be given the opportunity to get the life that you have always dreamed of and experience success contentment and happiness in greater proportions. This audiobook provides a thorough discussion of creative visualization. From giving its definitions and benefits to outlining a step by step description as to how it is done and how it works this audiobook can serve as your ultimate guide in the creative visualization process. As you read through the pages of this audiobook you may look forward to: • Improving your overall life conditions through creative visualization • Strengthening the power of your mind • Becoming a more creative thinker • Drawing people near you with your positive energy The methods and procedures described in this audiobook are both practical and logical. It will also give definite examples as to where and how the concepts of positive thinking and creative visualization can be applied in various contexts such as your health family relationships social activities and even careers. What is creative visualization

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Creative visualization is a mental or psychological technique that is used to create a positive mental picture that will influence and guide your life. In other words it is a technique that allows you to accomplish your desires with the use of your imagination. A famous verse in the Bible goes like this: “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” The concept of creative visualization is very much the same and as you can see it is not necessarily a new concept or a new idea. So if it isn’t so new why is there a need to read about creative visualization and know more about it Why is it essential to practice it Can’t we just immerse ourselves in positive thoughts all the time As you may already know life is not easy. Even at a very young age people from various walks of life may experience pain suffering sadness loneliness and failures. These negative experiences affect a person’s confidence self-esteem sense of reassurance and optimism. A single traumatic experience can lead a person to lose hope become mistrustful and insecure. We are surrounded with negative issues every single day. Even news reports give us more bad and worrisome news than inspiring ones. This is why subconsciously our minds are filled with fears and doubts even when we try to be optimistic. It is for this reason that creative visualization is essential to instill a sense of optimism both consciously and subconsciously. In new thought psychology creative visualization is largely linked to the law of attraction which simply states “like attracts like.” This means that a person who focuses on positive thoughts are likely to attract positive people positive experiences and positive outcomes pretty much in the same way that a person who dwells on negative thoughts will attract negative people and negative outcomes. To help you further understand what creative visualization is all about here are some descriptions about this concept: 1. Creative visualization involves positive thinking. Since creative visualization also uses the tenets of the laws of attraction you will be trained to keep positive thoughts and sensations in mind whenever you are engaged in the creative visualization process. 2. Creative visualization is about confidence. Creative visualization techniques are geared towards developing your confidence in terms of goal achievement and social relationship success. It gives you knowledge and assurance of positive outcomes as a result of thoughts and visualizations that detail how these outcomes are achieved. 3. It gives empowerment. What logically goes with confidence is empowerment. Creative visualization removes the limits to what you can do and achieve. Since it helps remove your negative thoughts and ideas you will be empowered to take more risks take more action and make more initiatives. The statement changes from asking “Can I do it” to knowing that “I can do it.” 4. It encourages perseverance. Creative visualization encourages perseverance rooted in self-belief. No matter what life throws at you you will learn to grasp the truth that you have the power to shape and change various situations to make them pleasant and agreeable. 5. It is planning. There is a reason that this process is called creative visualization and not just visualization. Creative visualization techniques enable you to plan scenarios in your mind that will produce your anticipated results. This means you

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have to use your different senses your knowledge on a variety of issues and all other information available to you in order to visualize successfully. 6. Creative visualization is influence. Remember the law of attraction mentioned earlier The quality of your thoughts attracts the types of people experiences and situations that will come to your life. In this sense creative visualization is influence. You get to select the areas of your life that will have a hold or influence on your way of thinking acting behaving and ultimately living. This will have a similar effect on the people you deal with – those who draw near to you will radiate the same kind of mental attitude that you have learned to adapt – positive unbeatable and remarkably successful. Creative visualization will change your way of thinking and living. Although its techniques will not require you to adopt a certain spiritual or metaphysical level or belief it does entail the use of an open mind that does not limit or set boundaries to your capacity to achieve. DOWNLOAD FREE AUDIOBOOK HYPNOSIS here: How creative visualization works In a nutshell creative visualization operates under the concept that whatever it is that you believe in will actually happen. How exactly does that work This seems like a fair question. Is there a scientific or logical explanation for creative visualization How exactly can good and positive thoughts result into good and positive outcomes If creative visualization sounds too good to be true to you that’s probably because you are not yet aware of exactly how much focus and energy it takes to successfully execute creative visualization techniques. However there really are ways by which creative visualization can be explained in terms of how it works. Here are some guidelines that help explain the workings behind the creative visualization process: 1 Creative visualization works by providing clarity. A lot of people are stuck in a rut due to confusion. They don’t know what they’re doing or what they actually want to do. They don’t know who they’re working with or dealing with. They don’t know about they’re timelines. Even when they know how to do things they don’t know the purpose why they do them – there’s no answer to the big question “Why” There are people so busy engaging themselves in activities that they don’t have the time to really think and pay attention. Creative visualization resolves all these problems because it can only be done when you have clarity that is when you have a clear and specific idea as to what it is that you want and

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how you can get it. This means that creative visualization forces you to “plan” as you imagine your scenario and with that plan in place you are already as if fifty percent done with what you have to do. 2 It also works by improving a person’s capacity to focus. Creative visualization would not make you a believer in multitasking. Instead it will encourage you to focus all your efforts until you achieve your goals one by one. This makes it easy for you to eliminate distractions and be motivated to finish one task or one goal at a time as you maintain a positive and strong mental attitude that is ready to take on various challenges which you may end up using to your advantage. 3 It activates a person’s passion and motivation. Creative visualization works by using a person’s ability to perform with consistency. This is only possible when a person gets to activate his sense of passion. Passion is a greater degree of commitment. It’s passion that separates people of mediocrity from people of achievement. It is what fuels perseverance and the capacity to succeed – the very ingredients that creative visualization techniques imbibe in a person. 4 It secures possibilities. Creative visualization works because it dispels fears reservations and uncertainties. Instead it focuses on prospects chances and opportunities. By securing possibilities and ensuring in your mind that you can achieve what you plan to do it enables you to take risks that you might otherwise not take because of fear of failure. By making you more certain of yourself creative visualization in effect gives you more courage and confidence. 5 Creative visualization works because similarities form a stronger bond of attraction. Some people say that “opposites attract” while others say that “birds of the same feather flock together.” Have you ever wondered which of these sayings are truer In reality similarities form a stronger bond than differences especially when it comes to people and relationships. Creative visualization works because it draws you near to people whose thoughts and actions are of the same caliber as the ones that you have. Notice how successful people surround themselves with like-minded individuals who are similar to them – people who collectively value perfection excellence diligence and success. Creative visualization works in pretty much the same way but it trains to you have a winner’s mindset right from the very beginning. 6 Creative visualization goes through steps or stages. What makes creative visualization techniques quite effective is that it starts by making you familiar with small accomplishments or what you may call “small steps” and then it leads you to achieving big accomplishments or taking big leaps later on. This gradual increase in experiencing various levels of success will build your confidence and enable you to understand how creative visualization can take you further. The benefits of visualization Visualization has numerous benefits that encompass various aspects of your life. This section will discuss some of these benefits so you can closely evaluate how relevant these benefits are to your life. 1. Psychological strength. Anxiety and depression are the most common mental health challenges in the world today. People with difficult experiences are unable to cope with their situations and feel powerless to change them hence mental

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illnesses become imminent. Creative visualization helps prevent you from succumbing to mental illnesses for it equips you with techniques and methods for dealing with seemingly difficult life situations that may work to your advantage in the end. With a more powerful mind you will be able to see opportunities beyond difficulties and solutions beyond problems. Your mind will be strengthened to think well resting in the knowledge that you can handle whatever it is that life throws at you. It is additionally interesting to note that your psychological strength will also enhance the power of your subconscious mind so that as you continue to practice creative visualization optimism will be natural to you and you do not need to exert a conscious effort to maximize the advantages you can get out of every situation - your mind will automatically think that way. Creative visualization techniques will not only expose you to positive thoughts but will immerse you into various resources that speak words of wisdom and power so that these are the things that you remember and live by. Your mind and spirit will be strengthened and renewed and you will be surprised to see yourself quoting words of wisdom that uplift both the mind and body. 2. Better physical performance. If you think that creative visualization can only strengthen and enhance your mind power you are gravely mistaken. This is because as the mind thinks the body follows. Many times athletes use creative visualization to improve their performance in their sport. Before an important game or event an athlete imagines the details of the sport envisioning victory and success which they flawlessly carry out in the actual game. In the same way that coaches show the expected performance of each athlete on coach boards and during planning times creative visualization helps make images that the mind captures and remembers and which the body acts on. NBA coach Phil Jackson is a firm believer in visualization and has in fact used it to lead the Chicago Bulls to six championships. 3. Attract money and prosperity. In the same way that physical performance is improved by creative visualization its techniques also enable a person to attract money and gain prosperity by helping make sound financial decisions and improving ones focus in work performance. 4. Improve health and well-being. One of the challenges in health improvement is retraining the mind and body to eat healthy food and to perform exercise routines that burn fat and build muscles. Creative visualization can be used to bring into reality a persons desire to eat more vegetables and fruits ultimately taking out junk food and too many sweets out of the picture. Exercise also becomes an enjoyable activity that you will look forward to engaging yourself in it on a regular basis. 5. Obtain satisfying and worthwhile relationships. Creative visualization makes attracting positive people into your life possible. It allows you to establish and maintain worthwhile relationships. Your sense of confidence self-reassurance and

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ability to achieve your desired success will inevitably win the admiration of another person. Your willingness to love and be loved will be reciprocated by a person who also has a common outlook and desire and as the law of attraction suggests you get to have what you actually give. In a nutshell creative visualization makes the achievement of everything you dream. Although it begins with imagination or the creation of a mental image its effects transcends to an actual reality which you will see hear feel and truly experience. How to visualize We now discuss the most important part of this audiobook which is enabling you to perform creative visualization and use it for the achievement of your goals. As you read these steps remember to be in an attitude of optimism and open-mindedness. Be proactive in writing down your own ideas and avoid all sorts of negative thoughts and doubts in your mind. Find a suitable place for reading away from various distractions so that you thoroughly focus on reading and try to apply each of the steps if you have the chance. 1. Narrow down which goal you wish to attain using visualization. Narrowing down your goals means you have to make them very specific. Of course you can always start with general ideas. For instance you can come up with something like "obtain a job promotion." Of course although this goal is quite specific you can further narrow it down to better visualize a fitting mental image by which it can be achieved. For instance you have to ask yourself questions like "What would it take for me to achieve a promotion What should I first be able to accomplish" With these questions in mind you will then come up with a clearer picture of how your promotion will unfold step by step. Consider imagining scenarios that will lead to your promotion such as: a. Every morning you come to work looking your best. Your shoes are well polished. You look sharp in your clothes and you have the perfect hairstyle. You come on time and you look absolutely ready for work. b. You obtain the respect and admiration of your colleagues and your boss because of your stellar performance: your reports are timely you deliver good insights during meetings and you exceed sales expectations. People say that you are creative and your colleagues appreciate the job that you do and always wish to be working on the same project as you. c. Remember that account which no one seems to be able to close You close it within a week when you make that phone call and office visit to the owner. d. By the end of the month your boss takes notice of your stellar performance. He hears about it from various people inside and outside the organization. He calls you to his room and delivers the good news - you are the new sales manager and you get a salary increase. You smile and thank him for giving you the job youve always wanted and deserved. As you can see you can go through specific mental images that will lead to your success narrowing down each scenario to what each and every day might look like. Your visualization can even be more specific so that you

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recall or imagine how your office looks like name which officemates you get to talk to and so on. 2. Sit alone in a quiet comfortable place where you will be uninterrupted. The importance of being able to focus completely cannot be understated. Here are some pointers on being at the right place at the right time during your creative visualization exercises: a. The importance of being alone. During creative visualization you need to be comfortable in the fact that you will be spending some time alone. Being alone enables you to perform intrapersonal or self-communication and is useful in assessing the issues in your life that are most meaningful to you. b. Be in a comfortable place. A comfortable place is an area where you feel most secure. If you decide to stay in your room keep it as clean and organized as possible and lock the door if you have to so that you will be certain that you will not be disturbed. As creative visualization may take some time it is also important that you find a suitable place where your mind and body will feel relaxed. c. Ensure that you are uninterrupted. It may be helpful to inform your family or friends if you live in a dorm not to disturb you for a couple of minutes for your creative visualization exercise. Remember the key is to eliminate all negative energies and focus on only positive ones. If you are interrupted and you get irritated by the intrusion you may have difficulty finding a similar mood of peace and balance with which you can start or continue your creative visualization exercise. 3. Relax. Both your mind and body must be relaxed during the creative visualization process. This is the reason you have to schedule it find a place for it and prepare for it. Some methods that work include: a. Lying on your back. This position relaxes your muscles and allows you to completely succumb to the mental images you have prepared to visualize for yourself. Be careful of course that you do not fall asleep in the process. b. Closing your eyes. Keeping your eyes closed enables you to come up with a “blank slate” so that you take full control of the environment and setting which you wish to imagine. The items you see in your room or chosen location for the visualization exercise may or may not trigger different kinds of emotions and bring about various kinds of biases. This is why closing your eyes can help you start on a somewhat more neutral ground. c. Sitting on a comfy sofa. If you tend to fall asleep lying down on your back consider sitting on a comfy sofa while you engage yourself in

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visualization exercises. This way you get to practice being comfortable in a good and confident posture too. d. Doing stretches. Whenever appropriate do some stretches to further relax yourself and ensure that you are not stressed or are in any way subjected to physical inconvenience. It is important that both your mind and body are at its optimum condition when you are engaging yourself in creative visualization exercises. 4. Play relaxing music or a prerecorded affirmation message. Remember how using the different senses of your body can contribute to a strong mental image What you hear or listen to greatly contributes to your capacity to succeed in creative visualization. a. Relaxing music. This type of music soothes your mood and relaxes your body. It is ideal to play music that is instrumental in nature so that you may also verbalize or speak out your thoughts as you engage yourself in visualization. Some great examples of relaxing music to listen to are classical music piano music from various movie themes and even some violin concertos. If you keep on listening to the same type of music during creative visualization exercises you will later see that your mind and body will associate this music to visualization exercises so that being in the mood for creative imagination will become easier and more automatic for you. While it is advisable to listen to music however be careful if there is anything in the musical selection or playlist that may distract you or remind you of unpleasant memories as this will affect the quality of your visualization exercise. b. Prerecorded affirmation message. Messages of affirmation are a good way to start and end your creative visualization exercise. You may have someone with a calm confident and soothing voice read out and record your preferred messages of affirmation or you may use your own voice. Make sure that the recorded message is of high quality and choose your message of affirmation well. 5. Visualize a clear and detailed mental image of what you desire to get or accomplish. When it comes to visualization clarity and attention to detail are of utmost importance. Besides preparing mental images in correct and logical sequences important details must not be left out once you have narrowed your goals. Details which you may want to include in your image are as follows: a. Persons involved. Determine the persons who are instrumental to your success. Identify individuals who are likely going to help you. Enable yourself to imagine winning over possible enemies or competition. In your mental image think about the faces of your allies. Make a very detailed picture of yourself from what you’re wearing to what your face may possibly look like.

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b. Place and environment. Will you be in school In the office At the park In your car Determine the location where your visual image is bound to happen. Put various items in place and imagine them too like the size of the place where people may be staying fixtures in the location equipment you will be using and so on. Yes this means that you will include that familiar tree or that elegant desk in your mental image. Why even the pen you’re supposed to use should be in your visualization too. These things will make it easier for you to relive the actual scenario once you come to face it in real life. c. Statements to be said and heard. What words or statements do you imagine to hear in the process of accomplishing your goal Do you hear your boss saying “Congratulations” as you say “Thank you” for that big promotion Do you hear your dream woman saying “Yes” when you propose Then include such statements in your creative visualization exercise. You can record these as messages of affirmation or speak them out as you meditate on your visual image. d. Specific actions or activities to be engaged in. Movement is part of your creative visualization process especially if your goal has something to do with a physical activity like sports or exercise. In your mental image determine the times when you are likely to stand up walk run or in the context of say basketball – dribble make a steal pass the ball do a successful jump shot or an immaculate three-pointer. 6. Have a full experience. When you are engaged in creative visualization you do not tell yourself that you are just imagining things. Instead you let yourself be led to the mental image that you are creating making that image your very reality at that very moment. It’s like at night when you’re dreaming – you don’t really know that you are in a dream do you You only find out once you wake up. So no you are not supposed to see yourself in your room or in your sofa when you visualize mental images: as you progress with your visualization you see your physical body being present in the actual scenario you have created for yourself. These can be done through the following: a. Use all your senses. Remember how you’re supposed to make a remarkably detailed mental image This is only possible if you get to use all your senses. You identify what you see around you – you know the colors the shapes the brightness of the things that surround you as if you’ve went inside a movie. You hear what you’re supposed to hear – whether it be laughter cheering another person’s voice or the sound of your footsteps. If it’s all about the woman of your dreams then by all means feel free to smell her perfume and touch your hand. Remember you are taking out all the limits and your mental image can be as real as it can be. b. Involve your faith and emotions. Allow yourself to express your faith and confidence. Verbalize your beliefs and be in touch with your emotions. Do you feel happiness Then you must be smiling. Do you see success

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happening Then you must feel proud. Your mind and body should be one. You will get to feel the emotions which you imagine that you will have. c. Feel the energy as if to have an out of body experience. Yes creative visualization is like being transported to a completely different place at some point. It’s like allowing yourself to time-travel and go to places and situations you imagine yourself to be in. 7. Dont ever imagine a negative scenario. By now you should realize that you are in full control of your mental image which is why a negative scenario has no place in it. There is no reason you shouldn’t visualize a positive experience as it is your experience. You are the author so to speak and you will choose to visualize only positive outcomes. There is no place for limited thinking for doubts for worries or for anxieties. You design your mental image and every single detail in it is bound to help you become successful. Own up your image – it belongs to you. Summary DOWNLOAD FREE AUDIOBOOK HYPNOSIS here: This audiobook has discussed the most important concepts concerning creative visualization a process of creating a mental image that will ensure real-life success and accomplishment. It is hoped that you are able to use and practice the recommendations indicated in this audiobook that are intended and designed to empower you to live a fun and fulfilling life using creative visualization. As a summary to what this audiobook has discussed the following are key takeaways which will serve as a quick reviewer for you: 1. Creative visualization is a mental tool that will help you fulfill your goals. Since it is a mental tool everything starts with what you think about and what you care to focus on. Remember visualization has no limits. If you can imagine it you can do it. You just need to believe in yourself and have confidence in what you can accomplish. The process of creative visualization by itself is already a success. While you are engaged in visualization the activity itself is already a process of achievement. 2. Creative visualization is effective. There is logical proof and explanation as to why creative visualization works for as you increase the power of your mind you increase its influence on your body and on your immediate environment. If

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creative visualization has worked on various athletes actors and entrepreneurs who have previously faced grave difficulties in their lives there is no reason why the same process would not work on you. You can do further research on successful people and you will be sure to find out that creative visualization is among their tools for success. It may go by other terms like positive thinking optimism being passionate etc. – but the idea is the same – creating a strong and unstoppable mental image that you are bound to fulfill. 3. Creative visualization has many benefits. You are not limited to using creative visualization in the context of sports achievement or career development. Even your health and relationships can improve with the use of creative visualization. If you can imagine something than you can achieve it. 4. Creative visualization is a mental technique which involves a couple of steps and procedures. Creative visualization takes time effort and of course creativity. Because it takes time it will involve a bit of preparation such as finding the right place for meditation preparing appropriate music or materials to listen to and being in an attitude of confidence and relaxation. It will also require your ability to create detailed scenarios making them so real that you would not recognize them to be a scenario you have created but a reality you know will happen. Now that you understand how creative visualization works the next thing you need to do is to find opportunities by which you can practice what you know evaluate your progress and of course expect your success. It may be a challenge in the beginning and at times you may feel like you are lost but gradually you will find visualization to be a doable fun and worthwhile activity that will positively influence your life. Build a Habit Visualization Now let’s start a visualization exercise that will allow you to imagine building a new habit sustaining it until it becomes second nature and enjoying the benefits from it. Stay still and close your eyes. Breathe in. Breathe out. Relax. Think about the habit you want to develop. Think about why you want the change. Be clear about your true intentions. Think about others who have the said habit. Make them your role models. Now visualize yourself having such a habit. Think about how it shapes your attitude behavior well-being and life in general. Trust in yourself that you can. Trust in your intentions. Your intentions are always good. Trust them.

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Feel as if you are 100 ready to develop the new habit. Feel as if readiness flows from your mind down to your fingertips down to your toes. Feel as if eagerness flows within you. Your entire being is ready to do and embrace the upcoming changes. Picture yourself committing to start. Picture yourself starting small—so small that it can make you see it as something you can easily do. You set up a time and place to do it. You choose a time when you are completely free and energized. You pick a place that helps you be mindful and feel at ease. You know you can stick to the time and place. You incorporate the small habit-forming steps in your daily routine smoothly. You find it easy and quick to do. You feel satisfied after doing the first step. You feel motivated to do it again. See yourself keeping track of your journey. You take notes right from the start. You mark your calendar as you practice your habit daily. Feel as if you are fully committed to building your new habit. You commit to doing it every single day at the same time and at the same place. You are committed to it. You look forward to doing it over and over again until it becomes second nature. You tell your family and friends about your quest. You muster support from them as you go on. You commit big and you tell it to the world. The world listens and believes in you. Imagine yourself increasing the duration or the times you practice the habit each day. You increase it bit by bit slowly but surely. Visualize yourself mastering each increase. Feel as if it is all naturally occurring. You maintain the positive attitude each time you practice the habit. Picture yourself slipping every now and then but you realize that it is okay. It is normal. To slip means you miss today but at least you tried yesterday and the previous days. To slip also means you can go back in track tomorrow. Picture yourself trying again after each slip. To try again means you value forming the habit more than perfecting your record. To try again means you value your attempts more than your slipups. To try again means you are a step closer to building the habit a step closer to achieving your goal. See the support and encouragement from your family and friends. Picture them as they readily offer their hands to help you get back in track in your habit formation. They do it because they know you can. They do it because they want to see you succeed.

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You appreciate and welcome feedback from people who matter to you. You learn from each feedback and improve your habit formation from such. Imagine yourself feeling the joy in each step. See yourself finding the satisfaction in each attempt. Picture yourself embracing the self-fulfillment in each change that occurs in your body in your behavior in your well-being and in your life. Picture yourself recognizing distractions along the way. Picture yourself focusing more on your habit formation and intentions rather than the distractions. Picture yourself overcoming the distractions without much difficulty. See yourself being reminded of the reason for building the habit. You have physical and digital reminders around your home and in your workplace. Remind yourself of the changes you want to see in yourself and in your life. Picture yourself waiting patiently for the changes to materialize. It can take months but the expected rewards last for a lifetime. To you every positive change is a big one. To you every positive change is worth celebrating. You believe you can form the habit. You have faith that you can bring about the changes you wish to see thanks to the said habit. You have the self-discipline to form the habit. You have the persistence to make the changes happen. Your environment is helping you build your habit. So are the people around you. See yourself practicing the habit every single day of the week month and year. See yourself practicing it without the need to keep track. See yourself practicing it without any prompt. Imagine yourself doing the habit as part of your daily routine. Imagine your daily routine improving thanks to the habit. Picture yourself repeating the habit over and over until you succeed. You succeed because you have already ingrained the habit in your system. Imagine yourself becoming more creative more productive and healthier due to the habit. Imagine yourself doing more and becoming better physically emotionally mentally socially financially and spiritually. Imagine yourself feeling happier more contented and more optimistic thanks to your new habit.

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Imagine yourself gaining self-confidence learning self-discipline and mastering self- reliance from the process of developing a new habit. Imagine yourself becoming closer to your goals thanks to your new habit. Imagine yourself sharing your story about how you form your habit. Imagine yourself being able to help others form their own good habits. Imagine yourself being able to help others due to your habit. The habit may be simple but you see yourself becoming a better person from the process of building it. See your environment and the people around you become better as well. Now that you have finished this visualization give yourself some time to become conscious of your surroundings to bring your mind and spirit back to the actual world. Take a deep breath. Slowly open your eyes. As you open your eyes you become fully aware of your surroundings. You become fully awake. DOWNLOAD FREE AUDIOBOOK HYPNOSIS here:

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