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Nashville Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville criminal defense attorney, Philip N. Clark, is a former police officer with years of experience in the criminal justice system. If you've been arrested for a DUI, domestic violence, theft, drug charges, assault or any other criminal offense, be sure to contact the team at PNC Law Criminal Defense Attorney. You can also easily reach them at their office located at 615 Main St. suite 102, Nashville, TN 37206. Getting a competent Nashville attorney on your side could make a significant impact on the results of your criminal case. So call an experienced lawyer for your legal representation and be sure to find out what they can do for you. Being arrested and put in jail is no light matter. In some cases you may find that the consequences are devastating. However, by hiring a top Nashville criminal defense attorney you may find that the penalties and fines could be reduced. Only your attorney could advise on this. Be sure to call today and see what can be done for your criminal charges.


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