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Bridget Busutil: 

Bridget Busutil International Encaustic Artist


Artist without frontier! French Passport US Resident Turkish resident for this year 2007-2008   Born in Vietnam from French-British parents. Raised in Madagascar, attending French schools Boarding school in UK , Isle of Wight., Eastbourne, Cambridge. Attended the University of Aix-Marseille, in English and visual arts. ‘Teaching Assistant’ scholarship to attend the University of Rochester in an interdisciplinary field “comparative Literature and Art”. Education BFA in Studio ART, University of Rochester (combined degree with Visual Arts in Aix in Provence ) BS in Linguistics, University of Aix-Marseille, FR MA in English , University of Aix-Marseille. PhD in Comparative Literature /Art-History University of Rochester, NY USA.  


Solo Exhibitions   2007 Bilkent Library Gallery: curator Attila Gulu 2006 Artist Residency: France: Cat’Art with grant 2006 National American Salon Award with Encaustic painting: “Tides and Rivers” 2005 Trip to Southern Spain : study in Islamic Medieval Art. Sevilla, Cordoba. Residency La Cartuja. 2003 Exhibit with Ickenox Fine Art Gallery, London, UK 6-12 October: New Encaustics: “Textures” 2003 Gallery Sklo: Tula Art Centre, Atlanta, GA October 28th Dec 6th “ Glazed Oils and Encaustics” 2003 Exhibit with Gora Gallery in Montreal, Canada, November 18th-Dec 6th New Encaustics: “Paysages Mystiques” 2001 Walter Wickiser Gallery "Recent Work", New York, NY 2000 Gallery: La Maison Francaise of the French Embassy: Washington D.C May 18th-June 30th


Associations and Memberships 2006 Second Life : platform for the Arts and Education 2005 The Metropolitan Art Museum, Le Louvre, The National Gallery (NGA), The Yale Gallery 2001 Artnet 2002 Unesco: the culture letter: Art and Education letter. 2002 La Fresa, Art Magazine with Museum of Malaga (CAC) Spain The Irving Sandler Artist database ;World artists directory 2004 NYArstsmaganize 2003 Miami Museum of Las Americas 1999 New York Foundation for the ARTS 2002- 2002 Alliance of Artist communities: www.


Selected group exhibitions   2006 TrevisanArt, Florence, Italy, “ Horizons” (presenting encaustics on paper) 2005 TrevisanArt, Ferra, Italy, Landscapes November 29th December m7th 2005 Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai, China Jan 20- Feb 12, patronized by Gallery Gora, Montreal 2004 Walter Wickiser Gallery, NY, NY Painters Gallery summer show 2004 Crisolart Gallery, Mallorca 284 Barcelona June 18th to July 1rst 2003 Exhibit with Ickenox Fine Art Gallery, London, UK 6-12 October: New Encaustics: “Textures. 2003 Gallery Design 360, Savannah, GA June 28 - December 30th 2003 Group Exhibit at gallery Design 360 in Savannah, GA, June 27th August 31st 2003 TRADE SHOW – London UK July 24th-27th presented by Ickenox, Fine Art Gallery 2003 New Encaustics Work was displayed in honour of the 40th anniversary of the Treaty of the Elysée between France and Germany. 2000 Walter Wickiser Gallery, New York, NY. January 00: "Artists of the Third Millennium" …


Juried exhibitions 2006 National American Salon : with" Tides and Rivers" 2004 Museum of Las Americas: ‘Women in the Arts 2004” award recipient for “Mermaid” 2001 Piccolo Spoleto Festival: “Bear Island” 24x18 inches, oil on canvas: Award Recipient, Charleston, SC 2001 Piccolo Spoleto Festival: “Red Night 40x60 inches, oil on canvas: best Award Recipient. Charleston, SC 1997 Low Country Arts & Cultural Council’s at Charleston, SC: Juried Visual Arts Exhibition Award Recipient   Selected Collection and Public Art Museum of Las Americas: Miami The Leila Wallace Collection: The Reader’s Digest, Pleasantville, NY. BNP Banque Nationale de Paris…Basel…. Private collections :Paris, Tokyo, New York, London, Barcelona, Miami, Montréal, Toulouse.


My Cottage Garden Collection 2008 Virtual ART Show on Second Life by Bridget Busutil Acrylic and Pastel Original Artworks

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