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Genre/ Barthes Codes

Generic Conventions of Your Film:

Generic Conventions of Your Film Which Genre(s) does your film belong to ? Fantasy/ horror Give examples of conventions of those genres you followed (how did you fulfil audience expectation) The setting of the film gives an isolated feel as it is in the middle of the woods. Our film follows more of the horror conventions like people dyeing and it builds suspense. Which conventions did you NOT follow?(How did you vary the generic conventions) The main character is looking for revenge which is a different type of mission to a fantasy film as they normally have good intention. Our main character is a villain and this goes against the convention because the stereotype for main characters is a hero. The film ends with an open ending. The good people normally fight back against the villain and win. If your film is a hybrid give examples of following varying conventions from each genre Horror and fantasy contrast as they are so different ,for example horror is more of an adult film and fantasy is for younger viewers, in fantasy the problem or quest is always resolved.

Compare and Contrast Your Film:

Compare and Contrast Your Film Compare and contrast your film to 3 examples(YOUR INFLUENTIAL FILMS). Dracula Untold, Teen wolf TV series, Little Red Riding Hood. N arrative structure Darker elements and people die in Dracula and teen wolf. Mythical creatures that are shown through flashbacks/ future visions in Dracula as he is shown in modern day as well as medieval times. Plot In teen wolf a teenager gets turned into a werewolf and fight to keep his town safe from mythical beings, together with his friends. Ours is similar but Red is killing for fun and not helping anyone. The plot of little red riding hood was a big influence as our film is based off of this story but ours is a older version/ what happened after little red riding hood. Dracula is set in the past and becomes a monster to save his town. Ours isn't really influenced by this as Red isn't doing anything for a good and just destroys things. We did take inspiration from this as we liked the quick pace fight scenes and style. Themes loss of innocence, death as a part of life, the battle, good vs. evil Dracula Untold – man vs himself, the battle, good vs. evil. T een W olf – man vs himself, the battle, good vs evil, loss of innocence, individual vs society Little Red Riding Hood – man vs nature, good vs evil Characters Dracula Untold – Vlad – The main character who makes a deal with a vampire to gain power to protect his kingdom The old vampire - the side character who supports the main character and who turns Vlad into a vampire Teen wold – Scott – main character who was turned into a wear wold against his will and who gains the ;true alpha title; because of his will to protect his friends. Stiles – main character who’s the only human in the supernatural pack who’s the sheriff son and who's solving all the mysteries Lydia – the main character who’s a banshee who can predict someone's death. Derek – the main character who’s the alpha werewolf and who turned teenagers into werewolf's and trained them Kira - the main character who’s a kitsune and helps the pack fight the evil Little Red Riffing Hood – Little Red – main character who's a little girl who's task is to bring some medicine and food to the grandma in the woods. Wolf – The villain who tricks the Red and eat the grandma and tries to eat Little Red as well The wood cutter - a man that saved the Little Red from the wolf Out short film Red – the main character who was forced to lo


Setting/ mise - en -scene Dracula Untold – the filming happens at a castles and as well as some parts take place in the woods and as well as the mountains/ the costumes for this film is medieval outfits and armour. Teen wolf - the setting for this show happens at a town and most of the scenes take place at the hospital, high school, police station and also the woods / For the costumes they are wearing normal clothes and as well uniforms, such as nurse uniform and as well police uniforms and for the makeup they made werewolf, kanima and wound makeup. Little Red Riding Hood – the setting is in the woods and at the grandma house Our short film – we shot our short film in the wood and in the room for the grandma scene for our flashback/ for the clothes we chose something simple and comfortable to run in and for the makeup we did the werewolf similar to teen wolf and for Red we did the claw mark scars on her face. Cinematography/Editing (for example, types of shot, pace, transitions, music) Dracula Untold – Fast pace and it has dramatic sound effects to make the viewers more intrigued Teen wolf – uses whole variety of shots as it’s a TV show with 6 whole seasons that has different effects to keep the audiences attention Little Red Riding Hood – Is and old children's movie that was meant to entertain children so it wont be as appealing to older audience

Barthes Codes for out short film:

Barthes Codes for out short film Enigma - We created a flashback that makes people think that Red will be killed by the wolf. Action - We were able to build suspense with the running scene and the scene where Red disappears after the wolf. Symbolic - One of the symbolic things in our movie was the red cape for Red.

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