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Dr. Gregory Casey is an expert cosmetic surgeon based in Naples, Florida. Orthognathic surgery is the best and safe option for reshaping of jaw and face. Dr. Gregory Casey is the top most oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Florida. To know more watch this presentation or visit and


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About ORTHOGNATHIC SURGERY Orthognathic surgery is a corrective jaw surgery that is the best treatment for correction of dental and face problems related to structure, growth, position or other orthodontic problems. The main purpose of Orthognathic surgery is to correct the jaw problems. Orthognathic surgery is widely used treatment option for jawbone problems. If you are seriously concern about your repositioning of jaw then its necessary to choose the expert and qualified surgeon. Dr. Gregory Casey is the top most oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Florida. For more information navigate to this link:


Procedure Jaw surgery or Orthognathic surgery have two types like upper jaw and lower jaw surgery. The surgery might involve one jaw or the  two  jaws throughout an equivalent procedure. The modification is done by making cuts within the bones of the lower jaw and / or upper jaw and placement the cut items within the desired alignment. The bone cutting is traditionally done V ictimisation  special electrical saws and burs, and manual chisels. The jaws will be wired along  Victimisation  stainless-steel wires throughout the surgery to make sure the proper re-positioning of the bones. Some surgeons prefer to wire the jaws shut . So, if you want to take best and professional Orthognathic surgery then choose expert and talented Surgeon Dr. Gregory C asey.

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Benefits The following are the benefits of Orthognathic Surgery Corrective jaw surgery can eliminate sleep apnea Improving chewing problem Joint Pain Removing headache Improve speech Plain Relief


Risks Orthognathic surgery has some complications under treatment like: Pain, Swelling, Bleeding infection and adverse reaction in Jaw Bones or Gums can be damage Nerve of face can be damage

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