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Dr. Gregory Casey is dedicated to provide best IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment with superior care in Bonita Spring, Florida. IPL treatment is best, safe and effective way to restore damaged skin. IPL treatment includes hair removal such as skin pigmentation, sun damage, and numerous other skin issues. To know more, watch this presentation or visit or


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ABOUT IPL(Intense Pulsed Light) treatment is a light based technology which is used for various skin treatments including hair removal such as skin pigmentation, sun damage, and numerous other skin issues. Everyone wants to look more beautiful than the others. But due to age factor, our skin begins to damage in a different variety of ways such as red discolorations, fine lines, and other conditions. In this condition, IPL is the effective treatment to improve damaged skin. To get further details navigate to this link:


PROCEDURE IPL treatment is a unique technique to improve damaged skin. It is done by IPL device which includes glass prism, this glass prism put on the problematic area of the body for treatment. When beats of intense light flashed through the prism then pulses goes at the lower place of skin and float up to our diminished skin. IPL technology also decreases reddening and discoloration on the skin.


CANDIDACY If you are unsatisfied by any of the skin complications below, then IPL can be a good choice : Wrinkles Texture Problems Extreme Flushing Sun Spots Stretch Marks Large Pores Stretch Marks If you have genearl good health and realistic expectation then you Are a good candidate for IPL


PRO’s AND CON’s Pro’s Long lasting improvements in skin quality Can be performed anywhere on the body Texture can be achieved Con’s Not effective for darker skin Treated skin may be swelling Must stay out of the sun after each treatment

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