Invitation to the Old Testament 22: Nahum


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An introductory survey of the Old Testament book of Nahum from a conservative evangelical viewpoint.


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NAHUM AFTER a Fish Swallowed a Man


Introduction Two minor prophets are devoted to Nineveh: Jonah and Nahum. Nahum is the sequel to Jonah. Nahum came along approximately 100 years after Jonah and the revival of Nineveh. Due to the combined attacks of the Medes of the north and the Chaldeans from southern Babylon, Assyria (of which Nineveh was the capitol city) eventually fell.

What do we know about Nahum?:

What do we know about Nahum? Nahum means "consolation". Nahum was from Elkosh (1:1). Although the location of this city is uncertain, it is believed to have been in the Southern Kingdom. Nothing more is known about this prophet.

When did Nahum deliver his prophecy?:

When did Nahum deliver his prophecy? The date was 650 B.C. No kings are mentioned to help us establish the date for the book, but the fall of No-amon (Thebes) is (3:8-10). This fall occurred in 663 B.C. Nahum may have proclaimed his message during the reign of Manasseh (686-642 B.C.) Nineveh was destroyed in 612 B.C. Nahum would have been written before then.

What is the primary messagte of Nahum?:

What is the primary messagte of Nahum? The theme of Nahum is the judgment and destruction of Nineveh.

What would an overview of Nahum look like?:

What would an overview of Nahum look like? A. Majesty of God (1) 1. God's goodness and severity (1:1-7) 2. God's anger (1:8-15) B. Judgment of Nineveh (2, 3) 1. Destruction of the city (2) 2. Reasons for destruction (3)

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