IT Project Risks in Health Care

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This presentation highlights why it is imperative for businesses to transform with the changing landscape of health care delivery


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IT Project risk:

IT Project risk Slides by Greg Dixon

Successful Technology requires innovative management:

Successful Technology requires innovative management Management must modify its business practices, or time and money will be wasted, and technology’s promise will go unfulfilled IT’s role in health care delivery Reduce cost of care and improve quality of services Computer services including role-playing and social support, health education tailored to specific groups, and sustained online interventions have shown promise Online services such as clinician email contact, online counseling, pre-visit testing, and personalized medicine can reduce the number of visits, thus cutting costs

Why it projects fail:

Why it projects fail Businesses do not recognize how technology changes clinical work processes, and fail to respond to those changes Businesses sometimes get too big Businesses have too much capital invested in real estate

What will it take to succeed?:

What will it take to succeed? The health care industry is having problems with IT Technology must transform, and not just improve, business practices

What must businesses change?:

What must businesses change? Reduce the scope of activities Implement remote management of their patients Reduce capital purchases Coordination of care through medical records

Predicting process improvements:

Predicting process improvements Factors that affect successful implementation include: Leader goals and involvement, Support and opposition from key stakeholders, funding, complexity of the change, and work environment flexibility Businesses can utilize statistical models to predict project success Learn from past failures Quantitatively track the direction of change Evaluate an ongoing change process over time at key checkpoints Take preventive action against factors that pose the most risk

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