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Grant funding does seem to be readily available, whether large amounts are sought or smaller ones, but individuals need to know how and where to find the grants.


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Grant seeking in Canada as it is everywhere else is a process. From agricultural and business grants to educational grants gender opportunity grants environmental grants non-profits and everything in between there are literally hundreds of grants available in Canada each year. Application for one type of grant does not rule out the application for another and many times individuals can combine types of grants such as business and environmental or training and technology with manufacturing or agricultural. The process is such that it is an open field to experiment with combinations. In addition there are national grants and regional grants available in Canada. Grant funding does seem to be readily available whether large amounts are sought or smaller ones but individuals need to know how and where to find the grants.

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However much of the grant monies remain unclaimed as grant writing is a tedious and complex process. This is especially prevalent in the small business sector. Grant application does not merely mean getting the application terms correct. It also engenders follow up and ensuring that all the terms of the “ narrati v e” and all grant applications will have a narrative are met. Also called the “ project narrativ e ” this is needed not only in Canada but in all developed countries. It is simply a list of detailed information in narrative form of how exactly the grant funding monies will be spent. If the narrative is not followed closely monies might be delayed or in the worst-case scenario there might be a request made by the Canadian government for repayment of all or part of the monies. Misuse of grant funds in Canada can also bring not only civil but criminal charges. It is not a small issue in the eyes of the Canadian Government.

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Circumstances can affect management and availability of grants and of course types of grants that are dispersed such as the recent impact of Covid-19 on businesses arts education and of course healthcare. The Canadian Council responded to that with the lifting of requirements and the provision of more types of grants for individuals non-profits the arts education and healthcare. Grants in Canada are meant to keep the economy overall stable and the Canadian Council ensured the availability of more types of territorial and provincial grants than ever before. Impacts on activities and initiatives had to be taken into consideration during the Pandemic and some reporting and follow up requirements were lifted.

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Contact: Granted Consulting - Address: 8278 Manitoba St Vancouver BC V5X 3A2 Canada Phone Number: 778-653-5575

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