History and Attractions: Page, Arizona and Lake Powell


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http://www.grandcanyonairlines.com/tours/lake-powell-rainbow-bridge-air-tour | Page, AZ and Lake Powell have a lot to offer visitors. There are geological landmarks to tour, aquatic sports and relaxation to enjoy, and history to discover. Grand Canyon Airlines takes you on a trip that you will never forget!


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History and Attractions:

History and Attractions Page, Arizona and Lake Powell

Excellent Location:

Excellent Location Only 5 hours east from Las Vegas, tours of Lake Powell and Page, Arizona attract millions each year. The attractions are also only 5 hours north of Phoenix. Page and Lake Powell occupy part of the canyons along the Colorado River.

Founding of Page:

Founding of Page Page is one of the youngest cities in the United States. In 1956 the area was established as temporary housing. Workers, constructing the Glenn Dam were to occupy the area for 7 years. Little more than mobile homes and few roads made up the government holding.

Becoming a City:

Becoming a City Page, Arizona claimed status as a city in 1971. A dozen denominations of churches sprang up along Lake Powell Rd. as residents established the town. Page was named for John C. Page, Commissioner of the Redamnation Board.

Relax on Lake Powell:

Relax on Lake Powell Stay on Houseboats, Lake Yacht , Resorts on the Shore Visitors can stay on the lake. Spring and Fall are the most ideal times to visit. There are also sites for camping, which combined with hikes can make for an excellent outdoor retreat.

Aquatic Fun:

Aquatic Fun Enjoy water sports: Paddle Boats, Personal Boats, Water Ski, Rafting Lake Powell is one of the most popular recreation areas in Arizona. Cool off with fun on the water

Lake Powell’s Namesake:

Lake Powell’s Namesake John Wesley Powell was an explorer and Civil War veteran Led a team of 9 explorers down the Colorado River-nearly 1,000 miles His exploring produced the first maps of the region

Hole in the Rock:

Hole in the Rock A man-made landmark. Large enough for a covered wagon to pass through. Tourists can walk through the passage and view the inside of the rock wall. Mormon pilgrims spent over a month blasting a whole through a rock wall. Their wagon train was trying to gain passage from Arizona to Utah.

Annie’s Crack:

Annie’s Crack A local secret around Page, AZ and Lake Powell-not on any map. 4 foot wide crack through a rock wall. Accessible by boat only: a geologically interesting 200 yard hiking trail.

Activities Around Page, AZ:

Activities Around Page, AZ Hiking-many trails to choose from in a range of difficulties and lengths. Rafting Shopping Rainbow Bridge Cathedral Canyon The Navajo Nation adjacent to Page.

Book with Grand Canyon Airlines:

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