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Grand Slam Fitness is the leading provider of outdoor fitness equipment to public and private parks, schools and various other health industries. GSF is proud to offer outdoor gym equipment for your outdoor gym, Fitness Park, or health center.


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Its that time of the year again and we hope you have made up your resolution for the year that's headed towards you. Ensure to head out and sweat it out with the  world class outdoor fitness equipment that Grand Slam Fitness has in store for you.  Get your hands on them, now!  

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If you think weight loss is simple concept and can be understood and achieved in a matter of days then maybe you need to go over it again. While the concept of it might be as simple as the term ‘burning fat’, it is not really that simple to burn fat. If it was, why would there be any obese people in the first place?

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India is a country where we express a lot through food and be that as it may, the consumption of this mouth watering food which is filled with calories which we fail to burn is something that we never consider. Now that we have put on that excess weight, getting rid of it is a task that is going to burn a hole in your pocket. Gym! Yes, one of the most popular word spreading like wild fire right now and some people think you need to hit the gym to cut that weight while some think you can do it without. So, what is best for you?  Grand Slam Fitness  helps you figure it out. What kind of a person are you? If you are a very reserved person by nature, then you may not find hitting the gym as good as it seems. Hitting the gym is something that you will have to try and get accustomed to and deals with the people around you. If you find it uncomfortable to be around so many people and sweat it out, you can try and set up an  open air gym  in your back yard and if you find yourself lacking the space you need, you can consider hitting your community parks that offer you facilities with all that  outdoor fitness equipment  installed.

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Now if you are thinking of doing the same, you might want to reconsider that thought as the protein powders which are available in the market are a mixture of quite a lot. Hence, wouldn’t it be wise to consume some natural forms of protein as a part of our meals? Definitely. So, now you are wondering what those sources are and you will be glad to know that these are some of the things that you are already aware of and have been eating out of ignorance. Now, you can consume them with a healthy conscience. Combine these high protein foods with some quality  outdoor fitness equipment  that  Grand Slam Fitness  has to offer you and you will be able to reach your fitness goals and par them with ease.

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With each day passing, the amount of people who fall into the category  of GenX a.k.a the new generation of today is increasing at a rapid rate. The population of youth is already at a majority in the pie chart of age groups in the country and is said to become stronger eventually. Given that they are going to be a major chunk of population for a long time ahead, one of the major issue that concerns us all is with regard to their vision. Parents out there reading this would be able to perceive “vision” in two ways. While one would be with regard to their vision in life, the other would be about their vision of life. Let us focus on their vision during their life as the latter is something that will take its own course.  Grand Slam Fitness  is here to give you an insight as to how so many people in today’s world are ending up with eye sight issues and what can be done to help keep that in check.

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An open gym  refers to the garden gym or the  outdoor gym . In most cases we hardly find open gyms. We also would rather prefer going to the enclosed gym and working out as we are all self conscious as to who is watching us and what would we look like and all the judgments that society is ready to through at us. Because of all this, it is just easier to bother about a small group of people inside the gym and once we get used to it, we are fine. However, having outdoor gym equipment is a very beneficial one and by the end of this article, we will know how

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Aging is a gradual process which is time bound  but due to this drastic change in lifestyle that went from using our body for work to using just our brains leads us to stress and less activity for the body. The best way to deal with it is by exercising or working out and the better way or a way to maximize the power of it is to use an  open air gym  to get to it. With the presence of multiple brands and options to choose from,  Grand Slam Fitness  makes it all the more easy for you to access an open gym.

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