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High density mineral wool has good sound deadening properties and can be encased in either high specification pre-galvanised and painted steel or aluminium panels to produce a light weight sound absorbing barrier. For more info, please visit following link:


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High density mineral wool has good sound deadening properties and can be encased in either high specification pre- galvanised and painted steel or aluminium panels to produce a light weight sound absorbing barrier. These are used extensively throughout Europe within urban areas and on structures. Each panel is made of corrosion- resistant aluminium steel and perforated for acoustical absorption. The size and pattern of the perforations are designed to protect and maintain the sound-absorptive capability of the acoustic fill inside the panels. The reverse side away from the road is made of non- perforated galvanised steel also corrosion-resistant. Metal structures cut the build up of reverberant sound between parallel barriers resulting in noise reduction higher than that provided by the hard-surface alternates. A unique design feature of the aluminium and steel barrier construction is that individual panels can be removed and replaced. Panels are not bolted welded or otherwise permanently fastened to each other or to the support posts. Should replacement be called for as a result of structural damage no more than three workmen using ordinary hand tools will be able to do the job. The light weight – 6lb/sq ft 29.3 kg/m 2 of the noise shield panels also make them the prime choice for barrier construction atop existing bridges overpasses or other elevated transit structures which cannot support concrete panels of the same thickness – 4in. 102mm weighing in at a heavy 37 lb/sq ft 180.6 kgm 2 . ALUMINIUM AND STEEL BARRIERS GRAMM GRAMM BARRIER SYSTEMS LTD ENVIRONMENTAL AND SECURITY BARRIER SPECIALIST Steel galvanised and painted absorptive noise barriers designed for heavy traffic on main roads and motorways. Combined aluminium absorpative and acrylic barrier system allowing bespoke architectural designs. Aluminium modular system designed for easy installations on roads and railways. Lightweight aluminium panel system suitable for bridges and underpasses. All components are maintenance -free and recyclable. FS 57589 Gap Gramm steel 27/2/03 10:13 pm Page 1

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Caption to come Octive Band Hz 63 125 250 500 1K 2K 4K 8K STC NRC Sound Transmission Loss dB ---------- Sound Absorbption Coefficients ---------- GRAMM Contact Stephen Whittle Tel: 01323 872243 • Fax: 01323 872244 E-mail Technical specification: Acoustic Performance: The acoustic performance meets all the current UK and European regulations for roadside applications. Random Incidence Sound Absorption: • Tested to BS 3638 BS EN 20345: 1993 • Noise reduction coefficient 250-2000Hz: a0.98 • Tested to proposed CEN standard pr EN 1793:1 • DLa 16 dB Class: A4 Sound Insulation: • Tested to BS 2750: Part 3 BS EN20140: Part 3 ISO 140/111 • Weighted Sound Reduction Index Rw 30dB BS 5821: 1984 • Tested to proposed CEN standard pr EN 1793:2 •DL R 24.6 dB Class: B3 Panel Dimensions: Post Spacing: 2.0m 3.0m 4.0m Panel Length: 1.95m 2.95m 3.95m Effective Panel Height: 0.4m 0.6m 0.8m Panel Width: 0.125m Nominal Other dimensions to special order. Nominal dimensions and to special order only. Posts: Structural Steel Universal Columns from low carbon steel to BSEN 10025 152mm x 152mm for standard systems. Absorbant Infil: 75mm Thick mineral wool with black glass tissue face. Density 60kg/cubic meter. Finish: Top and bottom Aluminium profiles in natural finish. Panels in a choice of Polyester powder coated semi gloss 30 colours Posts in a hot dip galvanised finish to BS 729. Can be powder coated to special order. A Perfected System Gramm noise protection elements meet all requirements: • exceeding the noise values demanded • guarantee a large measure of traffic safety • are steady and dimensionally stable • they are resistant to ageing and corrosion • they are dimensionally accurate • they are colourfast and resistant to fire • they are resist impacts from stones and are largely maintenance-free Gap Gramm steel 27/2/03 10:13 pm Page 2

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