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Melbournes Best Cafes In the past lots of people considered Melbourne to be Australias cofee capital and its true that in the frst days that is where a lot happened in Australia from an espresso cofee point-of-view. In the mid-90s however we claimed that Sydney had bought out Melbourne as Australias cofee capital and with time lots of people stumbled on agree. However within the last few years the Healthy café in Richmond espresso scene has blossomed and is currently indisputably probably the most vibrant cofee city in Australia. I will be conducting our annual review of best Melbourne cafes again shortly but names like Proud Mary Auction Rooms and Seven Seeds are bound to appear. They along with industry stalwart St Ali are representative of a fresh wave of espresso cofee excellence that has hit this cosmopolitan cofee country and have brought Melbourne frmly to the fore once again. Cofee in Australia has reached a peak where there are now probably a greater concentration of the worlds best cafes in one single city than anywhere else in the world including Italy. And as a world class cofee magazine its our job to keep tabs on these things. We have been astounded that inside our world travels theres simply been no city to are sufering from such a centre of excellence regarding espresso cofee as Melbourne. Weve been rating top cafes in Melbourne for fve years now and this job just gets harder and harder mainly because in Australia generally speaking in Melbourne specifcally were spoilt for choice

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