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Qatar Academy Mother Tongue Programme:

Qatar Academy Mother Tongue Programme Parent Workshop 2011

Today’s Goals:

Today’s Goals Clarify the term Mother Tongue The importance of Mother Tongue Development What are we doing? What can you do? Chat and coffee

IB Definition:

IB Definition The term mother tongue..may denote the language learned first; the language identified with as a “native” speaker; the language known best; the language used most” (IB, April 2008). To clarify, a child’s mother tongue may be: 1.The language learned first. 2. The language identified with as a “native” speaker. 3. The language known best. 4. The language used most. Due to this range of definitions, some children may have more than one mother tongue language e.g. English and Spanish.

Mother Tongue Languages within our School:

Mother Tongue Languages within our School

Why is a child’s Mother Tongue important?:

Why is a child’s Mother Tongue important?

What can parents do to support it?:

What can parents do to support it?

What can the school do to support it?:

What can the school do to support it?


General Building a collection of books and resources in the library. Identifying websites and other online resources to be used at home. Recognizing the importance of a child’s Mother Tongue language. Promoting tolerance and international mindedness across the school.


Primary One period a week devoted to Mother Tongue development. Work linked to UOI and supported by parents. Being trialed in G1 and G4 this term. After school activities and clubs run in Mother Tongue languages. Connections made with schools in ‘home countries’ e.g. pen pal system. Parents encouraged to work on vocabulary and buy resources in Mother Tongue.



How will this be funded?:

How will this be funded?

How can you help?:

How can you help? Speak to your child in their Mother Tongue. Make sure they have contact with family/friends who speak the same Mother Tongue. Provide resources linked to what is being taught in school. Encourage use of both languages on e portfolios: Find an audience. Offer to help in your child’s class/in school with Mother Tongue Projects.

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