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2D Shapes!!! : 

2D Shapes!!! A 2D shape is a flat shape which mostly is on paper. 2D shapes have a length , Width or height. Sometimes they are called plane shapes.

3D Shapes!!! : 

3D Shapes!!! Having three dimensions such as length , width and height. A 3D shape is a solid which means it is not flat.

Some easy 2D Shapes. : 

Some easy 2D Shapes. Rectangle: Square: Pentagon: Circle: AND MORE!!!!!!!

Some easy 3D Shapes. : 

Some easy 3D Shapes. Cube : Sphere: Cuboid: Cylinder: Cone: AND MORE!!!!!!

Attributes : 

Attributes Vertex: The point where two lines meet to forum an angle. They also call a vertex a corner. The plural of vertex is vertices. Side: A line segment in a figure or a surface of a shape or an object. Edge: A edge is where 2 faces of a 3D shape meet. Face: A face is one of the flat or curved surfaces of a 3D shape.

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Parallel line: If 2 lines are parallel they stay the same distance from each other and they never cross or meet. Angles: An angle is an amount of turn measured in degrees the three angles are acute, obtuse and right.

2D shapes in real life!!! : 

2D shapes in real life!!! Circle : Clock Square: Paper Rectangle: Envelopes Pentagon: Houses

3D Shapes in real life!!! : 

3D Shapes in real life!!! Sphere: Globe Cylinder: Cans Cone: Party hats. Cube: Presents. AND MORE.

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Clip art. Math's dictionary. Google images. Credits.

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Thanks for listening!!!

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