3D Shapes

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3D Shapes : 

3D Shapes A 3D shape is a shape that has a height (or depth) width and length.

Common 3D Shapes : 

Common 3D Shapes Cube Rectangular prism Square based pyramid Sphere Cylinder

Attributes : 

Attributes The attributes of a shape is what makes it itself. The attributes of a 3D shape are how many sides, edges and vertices (including apexes) it has.

These shapes in everyday life. : 

These shapes in everyday life. Building: Rectangular Prism Pipes: Cylinder Globe: Sphere

If you were in different countries you would see…. : 

If you were in different countries you would see…. In Egypt – Square/Rectangular based Pyramids In Italy – Tower of Pisa – Cylinder Los Angeles – Roads - Parallel Lines

Did you know? : 

Did you know? That a soccer ball is not a sphere, it is actually a truncated icosahedron. That a strand of DNA is a double helix which is sort of like a twisted ladder.

Bibliography : 

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