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A birthmark is deep patches which appear on the body after birth it usually harmless, but if its affecting in your daily life then it can be treated by a skin specialist and you can visit Graciacutis the weel known specialist in Kolkata.


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Birthmark removal:

Birthmark removal

What is birthmark?:

What is birthmark? A birthmark is a constituent pigment related small tissue which is lost in the process of fetal development. It is common and does not lead to any medical complication. Some birthmark fades over time or gets more visible. They can occur anywhere in the body. the researcher who do research they don’t fully understand why it appears on some skin. They believe protein produced by the placenta during pregnancy may linked to a higher chance of developing birthmark.

Treatment for birthmark:

Treatment for birthmark The treatment for birthmark depends on how severe it is, the birthmark is not life-threatening but it may affect the confidence of a person, in that case, treatment is required. Treatment can sometimes be painful and it's not effective always, some of the treatment is as follows: 1.Laser therapy 2.Surgery 3.Propranolol

Why Graciacutis?:

Why G raciacutis ? At Graciacutis we not only believe in making blank promise but also delivering them with utmost satisfaction. Our team continuously work hard to make you feel better about own self each day. From general skincare to aesthetic skin treatment Graciacutis aims for total rejuvenation of your skin. Our medical director Dr Raib Roy help a client in genuine information and helps them in clearing their doubts. Dr Rajib Roy expert in the field of dermatology and laser treatment.

Contact us :

Contact us ADDRESS Purbachal Main Road, South Purbachal , Kolkata, West Bengal, India PHONE 98314 82512 2484 5004 EMAIL

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