Golang for IoT Projects


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Golang is suitable for IoT applications due to its inherent concurrency and scalability features. Coupled with its secure code and cross-platform support it helps develop comprehensive IoT applications that are safe and support connectivity of numerous devices.


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Golang for IoT Projects:

Golang for IoT Projects

IoT Projects: Interesting facts:

IoT Projects: Interesting facts Gartner says, “ more than 40 percent organizations expect the IoT to transform their business” . 28 percent of software developers in a survey said they are currently working on applications for IoT-connected devices. By 2020, 50 billion devices are expected to be connected.


Going by these figures, it is easy to guess that IoT software solutions are revolutionizing businesses. To gain a competitive edge in this market, you must ask: “ What programming language is better for your IoT project?” At Gowitek we specialize in Golang Development. Following are the advantages of using Go for IoT Projects:

Why use Golang for IoT Projects?:

Why use Golang for IoT Projects? Concurrency: Golang is a highly concurrent language. It supports a huge number of simultaneous connections - which corresponds to requirements of huge number of connected devices in IoT networks. Scalability: Due to Golang’s superior scalability, it is able to scale up. It can then handle a growing number of connected devices to an IoT Network. Which is then better prepared to handle a sudden influx of connected devices.

Why use Golang for IoT Projects?:

Why use Golang for IoT Projects? Device Usability: It is very important that IoT solutions have cross-platform functionality. Users are then able to view results on the go. Gobot framework supports many platforms such as Bluetooth LE devices and even the Neurosky neuro interface. Feature-rich: Go has several built-in features and officially supported packages that can be imported easily via the Go package manager. External packages can also be integrated easily into the current application to add more features. All this in less development time due to easy syntax thus reducing Go-to market time.

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