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Foundations of Management Excellence: 

Foundations of Management Excellence NAEM Certificate Program at CMU Deanna Matthews Carnegie Mellon University 2003 BELL Conference

CMU/NAEM Advanced Management Program: 

CMU/NAEM Advanced Management Program NAEM - National Association of Environmental Management EHS Professionals need business skills Broader Business Perspectives Improved Finance Understanding Models and Tools for Creating Value Leadership Capability

Carnegie Mellon Strengths: 

Carnegie Mellon Strengths Top ranked business and engineering school Deep experience in exec-ed for engineers Management in Technology Based Businesses Preparing Engineers for General Management Understanding of issues facing EHS professionals Strong ties between business and engineering schools Interdisciplinary problem solving Green Design Institute (GDI) NAEM Program Committee

Foundations of Management Excellence: 

Foundations of Management Excellence Curriculum rationale EHS professionals need general management perspectives to maximize value to their organizations: Strategic planning and financial skills Management of people, projects, and budgets Broad, Integrated perspectives on role and business Delivery Method Efficient, Minimal disruption, Time for application =andgt; Quarterly, modular format

Foundations of Management Excellence: 

Foundations of Management Excellence Three quarterly modules (April, June, Sept) Leadership Finance Operations, Marketing, and Strategy Carnegie Mellon University Faculty complemented by outside faculty Between module links 'e-facilitation' of learning

Module One: Leadership & Organizational Behavior: 

Module One: Leadership andamp; Organizational Behavior  

Module Two: Corporate Finance : 

Module Two: Corporate Finance

Module Three: Business Integration: 

Module Three: Business Integration

Participant Response: 

Participant Response First cohort in program Fifteen participants (good for open enrollment) Identified 'learning the language of business' as key objective Enthusiastic about content

Faculty Response: 

Faculty Response Environmental core faculty Environmental researchers Providing new, upcoming perspective Traditional business faculty Incorporating environmental materials Taking participant examples Finding new ideas for research applications


Marketing Innovative Partnership NAEM – membership, mailing lists, board of directors GSIA – executive education mailing lists, course attendees GDI – industry research partners Shared marketing budget Brochures, NAEM annual forum Word of mouth

Foundations of Management Excellence: 

Foundations of Management Excellence Challenges Economic climate coupled with target audience characteristics Clear differentiation from other programs Customizing by the traditional business faculty

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