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Sustainable Enterprise Curricula at George Washington University: 

Sustainable Enterprise Curricula at George Washington University Mark Starik George Washington University School of Business andamp; Public Management 2003 WRI BELL Conference, Ft. Lauderdale

Outline of Presentation: 

Outline of Presentation Background information on GW andamp; SBPM Early record of GW sustainability programs 1990s evolution of events, actors, andamp; entities Current sustainability assessments Comparisons to other universities/b-schools Possible lessons learned andamp; shared futures

Background Information on George Washington University: 

Background Information on George Washington University Centered in Foggy Bottom-Washington DC Foiled/rescued Pres. Washington’s bequest Columbian College 1821; GWU 1904 Multiple campuses in region; 90 buildings 23,000 students: 9K UG, 11K GR, 1.5K ND All 50+ states andamp; 140 countries represented Aandamp;S, Med, Law, Engr, Educ, BPM, Intl.+

Early Record of GW Sustainability Programs: 

Early Record of GW Sustainability Programs Environ. Science program+: mid-1970s Environ. Health/Law/Engr.: 1980s Business/Public Mgmt/Educ.: 1960s-policy Most BPM/Educ. was/is social, not environ. No natural resources-oriented schools East Coast, metropolitan/ultra-urban setting

1990s Evolution of Events, Actors, and Entities: 

1990s Evolution of Events, Actors, and Entities Early 1990s: environmental certificates 1991-1996: Green University initiation, collaboration, innovation, devolution, regrouping, andamp; continuation 1997: BELL @ GW; Green Dorm/Lights Strat. Envir. Mgt., Environ. Ethics/Policy+ Continuation of social sustainability courses

Current Curriculum Sustainability Assessment: 

Current Curriculum Sustainability Assessment Less centralization with more activities More centers, institutes, initiatives, programs MBA Fields: EPandamp;M, NPOM, andamp; SMPP More courses, projects, guests, events More student groups, multi-school partnering Building on the past, looking to the future

Comparisons to Other Universities: 

Comparisons to Other Universities Our 4-way IJSHE Article on 4 Universities Compared GW, USC, Tufts, andamp; Brown - 8Ss Shared values/style: Visibility andamp; Levels Strategy/structure: Participation andamp; Reach Skills/systems: Breadth andamp; Depth Stakeholders/success: Metrics andamp; Modesty

Comparisons of GW SBPM to Other Business Schools: 

Comparisons of GW SBPM to Other Business Schools From relative pioneer to tenuous leadership Slow increase in environmental scholarship Rapid increases in global andamp; nonprofit areas 3 advantages: public mgmt., tourism, DC Challenge I: maintaining while losing one Challenge II: maintaining while others gain

Possible Lessons Learned & Future Developments: 

Possible Lessons Learned andamp; Future Developments Centralization/decentralization dance Persistence + luck = possibilities Several open faculty positions w/potential Accountants see the 'governance light'? Global Compact, Net Impact, Etc. Your suggestions are welcome!

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