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Mt. Everest:The Top of the World: 

Mt. Everest: The Top of the World 'Getting to the summit is optional; getting down is mandatory' —Ed Viesturs


Statistics Everest is 29,035 feet high. Everest is moving northeast at a rate of 2.4 inches a year. Temperatures can fall below -60°F. Wind speeds can approach 120 mph.

Climbing Everest: 

Climbing Everest Everest is usually climbed in spring. Climbers spend up to a month becoming acclimated. From base camp to summit and back can take over six weeks. Between 300 and 400 climbers and support staff gather at Everest Base Camp each year.

Risky Business: 

Risky Business Climbing Everest is extremely dangerous. Altitude sickness causes many to return without reaching the summit. Weather can change abruptly into life-threatening storms. For every five who make the attempt, one person dies.

Tough Terrain: 

Tough Terrain Khumbu Ice Fall, 17,600 feet Massive crevasses and fissures in moving ice Yellow Band, 25,000 feet Transition from ice/snow to rock South Col, 26,000 feet Severe winds Hillary Step, 28,750 feet 40-foot section of rock, ice, and snow

Record Book: 

Record Book First ascent: Hillary and Norgay, 1953 First ascent without oxygen: Messner and Habeler, 1978 First ascent by a woman: Tabei, 1975 First ascent by an American: Whittaker, 1963 First ascent by an American woman: Allison, 1988

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