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Draft framework for EFA National Mid-decade Assessment General Plan of Action: 

Draft framework for EFA National Mid-decade Assessment General Plan of Action Maldives EFA Mid-decade Assessment Strategic Planning Meeting


Background National EFA Action Plan and the goals identified in EFA were already in the Education Sector Master plan and the National development Plans And EFA goals and plans are incorporated in the current education sector strategic plan and the new Master plan which is being formulated The draft education act also addresses the EFA goals


We have achieved the EFA goals, UPE, literacy, and gender parity. However, through assessment and monitoring we would be able to further enhance the sustainability and development of these achievements. Thus, the most important EFA objectives for the Maldives are: Expanding and improving comprehensive ECCE Access to basic education (10 years of universal basic education) Continuing education for all adults. Equitable access to appropriate learning and life skills. Inclusive education especially children with special needs.


For the mid-decade assessment general plan of action is devised Since the aspects of quality and gender are cross-cutting issues, these are incorporated into the other four goals. In addition, on-going research will be conducted on quality issues to identify indicators and to find ways to enhance and sustain the development of the quality of education for all.


Plan of Action

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