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PROJECT PROFILES Steel scaffolding Rural market penetration Banning Asbestos Steel truck body Popularization of Metal Bins/Silos Development and promotion of cycle trolleys GP water tanks Stainless Steel water tanks Popularization of steel as a product


PROJECT PROFILES - Steel Scaffoldings Promoting steel scaffoldings in place of traditional bamboo ones in A1, A and B class cities Cost-benefit analysis of the proposal completed by JPC andamp; INSDAG. A paper has been prepared and circulated to the producers and other relevant organizations. Suggestions from their end incorporated to make it more comprehensive. The same was forwarded by the MOS to the Ministry of Urban Development and Law for their observations. The Ministry of Urban Development has suggested to develop a resolution for consideration of committee for sub-ordinate legislation. To this end a legal draft is being developed by Sri M C Mehta of Delhi and Sri Ajit Sen Gupta, Ex Justice, Kolkata.


PROJECT PROFILES - Steel Truck Body Efforts are on to develop a design of suitable steel truck bodies which are light, strong, fire resistant - with higher longevity and a lower life cycle cost. A design was developed which however was unsuccessful due to some reasons. Maintaining constant communication with ARAI and Vehicle research Institute, Ahmednagar, to develop a suitable and relevant design. A consultancy firm has shown willingness to develop the design. Negotiations are on. Request made to the Empowered Committee to extend SDF assistance to the tune of Rs 3 lakh for a survey to analyze the market demand for such a product. Jodhpur Truck Owners Association and Lloyds Steel have agreed to take the first few products for trial run.


PROJECT PROFILES - Banning Asbestos A paper highlighting the hazardous and harmful aspects of the mineral has been developed with active help and support from the industry and experts and has been circulated widely. We have interacted with the policy division cell of the Union Ministry of Commerce and Industries who are examining the subject. For our continuous efforts the Environment Ministry has succeeded in constituting a committee to review the policies and to recommend suitable measures regarding the problems of asbestos usage We are also in touch with the Prime Ministers office in this venture. Active support from various NGO’s and various State Governments are being received. With the active support of NGO’s we have organized road marches in five states. We have given massive publicity - emphasizing the health hazards caused by asbestos manufacture and use- in all leading newspapers for public awareness.


PROJECT PROFILES - Banning Asbestos As relevant data in the Indian context on this issue was not available - now we have collected special data to illustrate and verify facts We have developed a leaflet, with a mission to circulate it to the parliament members, to attain their support. An international seminar is scheduled for the 12th and 13th of April in Delhi. This workshop is supported by international center for ‘Ban Asbestos’. Efforts are there to organize a meeting of the international representatives of the ‘Ban Asbestos’ movement with the Prime Minister. Legal framework to move a resolution for consideration of the committee for sub-ordinate legislation is underway. A PLI case has been instituted at Kolkata High Court with the help of NGO’s.


PROJECT PROFILES - Tapping the Indian Rural Market A study was conducted by ORG-MARG, with the support of JPC, to study the scope for promoting steel in the Indian rural market. It was found that there existed a huge potential for market penetration. This cause was supported by TATA, SAIL and other producers. With active support from them we were successful in developing the ground paper for rural market penetration. A seminar has been planned to finalize the policies, strategies and product profiles required for rural market penetration. The interactive session shall involve policy makers, steel producers, NGO’s and Financial Institutions. The session has been scheduled for May 2002. Proposal - defining the role of each segment and recommending policies for adoption.


PROJECT PROFILES - Promotion of Metal Bins/Silos Save Grain Campaign (SGC), FSC and JPC under the aegis of the Ministry of Steel are the main organizers of the promotional program for metal bins. Subsidy @ 25% per silo is being given. Installation and public awareness programs all over the country are also being executed. The promotional program for popularization of Silos includes the installation of 60 silos for demonstration purposes.TISCO and JPC are working together in this project. Distribution program witnessed delivery of 27,000 bins in 8 states.


PROJECT PROFILES - Cycle Trolleys A special type of cycle trolley has been developed for the tribal areas. The design was developed by SRI, Ranchi and BITS, Mishra and tested by TISCO . In association with SRI, Ranchi and TISCO, three welding centers for the tribal youths to manufacture cycle trolleys in the tribal areas: two in Jharkhand and one in Orrisa, will be developed. Training courses are being conducted for 6 local youths for each of these centers to teach them the art of manufacturing such trolleys. These youths shall work independently for manufacture and sale of the trolleys, which is likely to be a very popular item there.


PROJECT PROFILES - GP water Tanks The design for manufacturing the GP water tank was developed by IIT Mumbai. For product development NCC bore 50% of the cost of development along with Jindal. Market development work for this project needs to be intensified further.


PROJECT PROFILES - Stainless Steel water tanks A survey has been conducted by TECS to study the demand of such tanks in India and the response for the same has been very much positive. Initially the machines required to produce such tanks had to be imported from Taiwan but now these machines are being manufactured in Pune. These tanks are being manufactured in Kolkata, Bangalore and Mumbai.One unit is likely to come up in Kolkata soon.


PROJECT PROFILES - Popularization of Steel as a product Steel need to be displayed as a versatile material NCC is planning to develop steel art icon in four metros of the country. Kolkata - Sponsored by JPC Chennai - Sponsored by Salem Steel Plant Delhi and Mumbai - yet to workout. We have started developing a Steel cyclone relief center at Sagar, West Bengal. Steel furniture exhibition was organized at Calcutta and Chennai. In November, 2002 the same will be organized in Mumbai with the help of Furniture Manufacturers Association of India.


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