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January ’07 5th Washington, DC 10th New York City 11th Anaheim 12th Los Angeles-Riverside 18th St. Louis 31st Atlanta March ’07 2nd Boston 8th Seattle 13th Denver 13th Austin 23rd Washington, DC April ’07 10th Twin Cities 18th New York City 24th Anaheim 25th Los Angeles-Downtown 26th Atlanta May ’07 3rd Houston 8th Tampa 10th San Diego June ’07 1st Boston 5th Dallas 26th Philly 26th Silicon Valley 29th St. Louis July ’07 11th New York City 13th Washington, DC 17th Denver 25th Atlanta 31st Anaheim September ’07 6th Philly 19th Tampa 19th Silicon Valley 21st San Francisco-Downtown February ’07 13th Tampa 13th Philly 16th Dallas 22nd Houston 28th San Diego October ’07 4th San Diego 11th New York City 16th Los Angeles-Riverside 17th Anaheim 17th Atlanta 19th Washington, DC November ’07 1st Houston 6th Boston Week of Nov. 5th Dallas Week of Nov. 12th Philly 15th Minneapolis December ’07 None August ’07 9th Houston 8th Los Angeles-Downtown Week of Aug. 13th Dallas 16th Minneapolis 21st Austin 23rd Seattle 28th Boston ** Tentative date *** Dates are subject to change Last Updated 3/20/07 Career Fairs 2007 Dates*

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