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TruckWatch North America: 

TruckWatch North America Exceeding The Needs To Supply Truck Security last Updated: January 2005

How Trucks Are Stolen: 

How Trucks Are Stolen Hotwired when parked (seldom occurrence ) Stolen or duplicated keys, start the truck (common occurrence) Unattended truck at idle is driven off (common occurrence) Hi-jacked at gun/knife point (seldom occurrence)

How Trucks Will Be Protected : 

How Trucks Will Be Protected Electronic Immobilizes…prevent trucks from being driven under its own power. Disable up to three vital circuits of the truck (this prevents hotwiring and key theft). Confuse thieves by having all black wiring harness of the same gauge. Automatic driver Authentication (transponder only allows authorized driver to start truck). Authorized driver surveillance when idling. Starter disable via GPS through a tetematic relay.

TruckWatch Immobilizer Solutions: 

TruckWatch Immobilizer Solutions 101 touch-key immobilizer. 102 transponder fob immobilizer. 103 key-pad immobilizer. 201 running immobilizer. 202 anti-hijack immobilizer. 301 telematics relay.

TruckWatch Matches the Threats: 

TruckWatch Matches the Threats


Circuit disable Circuit disable Circuit disable Immobilizer Brain Fuel ECB Starter Transponder Fob 102 Arm/Disarm 101/102/103 Driver-controlled multi-circuit electronic immobilizers Protection against hotwiring and key theft Hotwiring Touch-key 101 Key Pad 103

Unattended Idling: 

Circuit disable Immobilizer Brain ECB/Ignition Automatic driver recognition Transponder 201 Intrusion Sensor Arm/Disarm 201 running immobilizer Protection against stealing unattended idling trucks Unattended Idling


Circuit disable Immobilizer Brain Fuel Hijack Sensors Arm/Disarm 202 anti-hijack delayed immobilizer Protection against hi-jacking Gradual Engine Degradation Hijacking

Remote Starter Shutoff: 

Circuit disable Immobilizer Brain Starter Remote Signal Arm/Disarm 301 telematics-controlled remote starter shutoff On-board Telematics Device 301 Starter shutoff via gps Remote Starter Shutoff

Technical/installation support: 

Technical/installation support Contact Our toll free number: 1-800-646-3132

Contact details: 

Contact details Glenhugh Enterprise (Truckwatch) Hugh Morris Tel : 519 846-8941 Fax : 519 864-2870 E-mail : Andrew Houston-McMillan Tel : 519 846-8941 Fax : 519 846-2870 E-mail :

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