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U.S. Electronic Education Fair for China U.S. Department of Commerce U.S. Department of State Additional Support from: U.S. Department of Education: 

U.S. Electronic Education Fair for China U.S. Department of Commerce U.S. Department of State Additional Support from: U.S. Department of Education

University Presidents’ Summit on International Education: 

University Presidents’ Summit on International Education January, 2006 U.S. Departments of Commerce and State announce Partnership on International Education


China Boasts one of largest student populations in the world. In 2005/06, there were an estimated 564,766 international students in the United States, of which 62,582 were from mainland China * * Institute of International Education, Open Doors

U.S. Education Sector: 

U.S. Education Sector Earned just over $14 billion in export revenue in 2005 * * Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce

U.S. Electronic Education Fair for China: 

U.S. Electronic Education Fair for China Project Goal: to inform Chinese students who are interested in studying outside of China about the breadth and depth of higher education opportunities available in the United States. Targets: students, parents, teachers, advisors

Additional, Specific Goals:: 

Additional, Specific Goals: Increasing applications to and enrollment in U.S. higher education institutions Increasing Chinese student interest in traveling to and within the United States Debunking myths about the U.S. visa system

Strengthening Understanding: 

Strengthening Understanding Initiative will also help to strengthen the level of understanding between the United States and China, promoting both the economic and diplomatic sides of the relationship.


Highlights From start of work to a November 2006 launch in China in 6 months Three-pronged multimedia approach using: Television Internet On-Ground Activities

Multimedia Approach: 

Multimedia Approach Two documentary-style 23 minute programs (Mandarin language) produced and aired on local television channels in Beijing and Guangzhou One and two minute “shorts” airing on an international broadcaster with national coverage across China Customized Internet “landing page” – – providing visitors with additional information/resources about studying in the United States DVDs of the programming – being distributed at education fairs and through the 47 EducationUSA advising centers across China


Over 40 institutions Based in 27 states and the District of Columbia Participation

TV Programming: 

TV Programming Peer to Peer Approach Showcasing Chinese students sharing their thoughts/experiences about studying in the United States for the benefit of prospective students in their home country

Programming Content: 

Programming Content Includes, but is not limited to: Uniqueness of American higher education Cultural differences Application process Financing Visa process Academic and social life Work/internship opportunities


Format Two documentary-style 23 minute programs, in Mandarin, produced & aired on local TV channels in Beijing and Guangzhou One and two minute “shorts” broadcast across China on a national satellite operator First Broadcast: Beijing on November 22, 2006 In all, 80 broadcasts have aired in China Beijing TV5 Guangdong TVS-2 Phoenix TV *Combined Reach – 180 million people*

On the Ground: 

On the Ground 18,000 DVDs of the programming Distribution Education fairs 47 EducationUSA advising centers in China Domestic conferences/outreach


Filming 3 Geographically diverse locations in the United States – chosen based on number & diversity (urban/rural, public/private, small/large, liberal arts/tech/community college, etc.) of the institutions based in each Total of 37 students interviewed: 7 featured in first 23-minute program and another 10 featured in second All participating institutions appeared in at least one of the two 23-minute episodes Students received no compensation

Internet Landing Page: 

Internet Landing Page Translation: StudyAbroadUSA Additional info & streaming of TV programming Sponsorship Opportunity for U.S. institutions (October 25, 2006 Federal Register Notice & Industry Newsletters) 31 universities representing 27 states and DC participated Landing page has attracted more than 550,000 hits from within China


Funding Over 45 percent from U.S. higher education community Major gift from ETS/TOEFL Balance from U.S. Departments of Commerce & State

Measuring Success: 

Measuring Success High level of participation from U.S. higher education community Inquiries from other countries Tracking: Hits to Internet landing page Number of Chinese students taking required admissions tests Number of requests for applications Chinese students make to U.S. institutions Matriculation of Chinese students at U.S. institutions


2007 Continue outreach in China Expansion to India 2007 Web Opportunity – Federal Register Notice, industry newsletters

We look forward to working with you: 

We look forward to working with you Never before have U.S. Government agencies and industry partnered to create such an innovative multimedia initiative to promote U.S. higher education abroad China and India Fact Sheets Available For further information: Jennifer Moll (

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