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Leadership Interview Presentation for project with Northeastern University.


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Leadership Interview:

Leadership Interview Northeastern University: LDR 6100 Jermaine T. Thomas

Robin Burk:

Robin Burk Circuit Civil department manager, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Saint Lucie County, Florida A sister of the American Legion Auxiliary

Clerk of the Circuit Court, Saint Lucie County, Florida:

Clerk of the Circuit Court, Saint Lucie County, Florida Circuit Civil Department Keepers of the record Providing Amazing Customer Experiences

A notable reference to Robin Burk’s leadership style:

A notable reference to Robin Burk’s leadership style According to legendary investor Warren Buffet: “A leader is someone who can get things done through other people” (Rath et al., 2008, p.79). Robin as a leader facilitates an atmosphere of cooperation where: “Engaged” employees will help each other to meet goals.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Executing Influencing Relationship Building Strategic Thinking Achiever Activator Adaptability Analytical Arranger Command Developer Context Belief Communication Connectedness Futuristic Consistency Competition Empathy Ideation Deliberative Maximizer Harmony Input Discipline Self-Assurance Includer Intellection Focus Significance Individualization Learner Responsibility Woo Positivity Strategic Restorative Relator Having been a part of the Circuit Civil team for 11 months I have observed these characteristics from the team. Robin Burk as a leader is supported by a team of individuals with differing strengths which I now collectively call “The Four Domains of Leadership Strength” (Rath et al., 2008, p .24).

PowerPoint Presentation:

Robin regularly provides feedback on our team’s performance measures. Observations of Robin as a department leader: Facilitates an atmosphere of trust and compassion internally, as we provide Amazing Customer Experiences externally to our community from Caring and Knowledgeable Professionals in times that may be unstable to them (Rath et al., 2008, pp. 82-95) (Smith, J., Our Commitment To O ur Citizens, 2009). A one on one trainer. Ultimately Robin leverages each of her team members’ strengths and finds new ways to drive departmental performance (Rath et al., 2008, p. 67).

Robin Burk’s Role in meeting “Followers’ Four Basic Needs” (Roth et al., 2008, pp.82-91):

Robin Burk’s Role in meeting “Followers’ Four Basic Needs” (Roth et al., 2008, pp.82-91) Trust: Robin and our team accomplish things not because of competence but because we know each other through spending time with each other. We often are rewarded by Robin for diligence in completing projects, with luncheon parties for example, it is then that we: open up about who we are, where we come from, and our devotion to things and people other than ourselves. Compassion: c reating a healthy work-life balance is encouraged by Robin. She is an example of how being satisfied and fulfilled in life personally relates to satisfaction and production at work. Stability: as we evolve and change to the needs of our legal circuit, Robin communicates to our team with “regular updates on progress toward organizational goals” (Rath et al., 2008, p.88). Hope: Robin is consistent in providing our team with hope, through using her extensive mortgage industry experience, she explains purposefully that with foreclosure filings down that we still have a consistent flow of work.

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