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Investigazioni aziendali per privati , controspionaggio


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Academy Of Intelligence Services and Training : 

Academy Of Intelligence Services and Training Italian-Israeli Team of Intelligence led Counter Terrorism Experts


ABOUT THE ACADEMY The academy is an independent internationalprovider of integrated intelligence services, training, and technological solutions that enable our clients to mitigate risk and to fight against terror threats.The academy is comprised of a diverse team of experts in the fields of intelligence, investigations, counter-terrorism, technology and training. Our knowledge based on the unique experience and know how accumulated in the Israeli Security Agency.

Our Goal : 

Our Goal To be the leading provider of comprehensive Counter terrorism and Intelligence solutions that integrate the four pillars of Counter Terrorism- . Technology Human factor Procedures Up dated knowledge

Our Seminars &Services : 

Our Seminars &Services Know your enemy: - The roots of today’s radicalism, including history, religion, culture and regional aspects. - The modern terror trends and modus operandi. - The suicide bomber phenomenon. - Terror financing. - Cyber terrorism.

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Know how: - Design a national counter terrorism strategy. - Combined intelligence coverage and analyzing methods (HUMINT/SIGINT/OSINT). -Humint training -Identifying, recruiting and operating human sources. -Cyber terrorism threats and response. -The suicide bomber phenomenon-How to deal with.

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-Thwarting terrorist attacks in real time. -Conducting an investigation in a terrorist attack scene. -Interviewing and questioning techniques. -Organizational lesson learning. -Behavioral interviewing and deception detection

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