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Commercial Production:

Commercial Production

Natural Sun Dried Process:

Natural Sun Dried Process

Ancient Chinese Secret:

Ancient Chinese Secret Used in Chinese Medicine for over 3,000 years. Botanical Classification Lycium barbarum L. (Linnaeus) Lycium chinense AKA…..Wolfberry……sounds like Go- Jee in Mandarin

Botanical Textbook 1885:

Botanical Textbook 1885





Asian Commercial Production Areas:

Asian Commercial Production Areas The floodplain of the Yellow River is the home of the world’s best Goji. The soil is the most highly mineralized agricultural base in the world.

Hippocrates said:

Hippocrates said Let your food be your medicine & Let your medicine be your food

How Much is Enough?:

How Much is Enough?

What constitutes a Serving?:

What constitutes a Serving?

Goji is the Most Nutrient-Dense Food:

Goji is the Most Nutrient-Dense Food

Recommended for Diabetics!!!:

Recommended for Diabetics!!! Glycemic Index is only 29!!!

Anti-oxidant Power:

Anti-oxidant Power

Well Known Antioxidants:

Well Known Antioxidants

Recycling in the Body:

Recycling in the Body



Nature’s Gift to Diabetics:

Nature’s Gift to Diabetics AMD - Age Related Macular Degeneration Diabetic Retinopathy Cataracts Glaucoma

Cataract Research:

Cataract Research

Glaucoma Research:

Glaucoma Research

Learn More at Facebook.com/sunlifegoji:

Learn More at Facebook.com/sunlifegoji

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