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Gain total control over your business from server management to staff management and task assignment with the amazing, easy to use business management platforms and tools. Business management doesn’t get any simpler than this!


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GoSource Business Management Software Tool


GoSource GoSource is a cloud hosted management platform that allows you to set an efficient virtual team to work for your business. It offers you complete control over every functioning from server management to team management, to task assigning.

Boon of GoSource’s Business Management Software Tools:

Boon of GoSource’s Business Management Software Tools The 100% control over your business granted by GoSource is by means of competent business management software tools. With a wide range of choice in software packages and operation systems you are at liberty to select instance storage, memory configuration etc. These business management software tools facilitate:

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Platform/Server management : It allows you the luxury to create, delete and restore servers that you wish to employ for your business. You are also able to keep track of all servers and know exactly when which ones are running. Team Management : You can easily manage the entire staff hierarchy without any hassles owing to GoSource’s competent business management software tools.

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Maintaining individual records: You can access and analyze the individual performance of any employee at any given time with a well maintained and up to date employee records. Schedule and task management: Assigning of the projects to the various departments such that the tasks are easily managed comes real easy with these business management tools. Also daily scheduling for the day’s work can be handled with convenience.

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Detail and documentation management: All requirements and system operations can be easily documented and easy management of details like budget is facilitated. Risk and quality management: Features like auto code quality management and special risk management frameworks help you keep a check on your business performance at all times.

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