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Increase Your Takeout Sales : 

Increase Your Takeout Sales How GoMobo Online Ordering Works Noah Glass Chief Executive Officer GoMobo Takeout

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Customers Start at Your Restaurant Website

Slide 3: 

Find Your Most Convenient Restaurant Location

Slide 4: 

Select a Product

Slide 5: 

Customize the Product

Slide 6: 

And Checkout

Slide 7: 

We Instantly Transmit the Order to Your POS Terminal

Slide 8: 

Print an Order Receipt

Slide 9: 

Bill the Customer Credit Card on File

Slide 10: 

And Email an Estimated Pickup Time to the Customer

Slide 11: 

So They Can Skip the Line® at the Restaurant

Slide 12: 

You Track and Analyze with the GoMobo Dashboard

Slide 13: 

Online Ordering Enables Enhanced Phone Ordering

Slide 14: 

Online Ordering Enables Mobile Ordering Apps

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