The Easiest Way to Improve Takeout Sales


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What if there was a new way to increase takeout sales by 21% at your restaurant? I have been selling online ordering to restaurants for five years. Through hundreds of conversations, I learned that many restaurants want to implement online ordering, without investing in a point-of-sale integration. This industry need inspired us to create OLO: a standalone device for receiving online orders at the store, without requiring a phone line, Internet connection, or point-of-sale integration.


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Please email me at noah|at| if you’d like to discuss your takeout sales performance and how GoMobo could help you improve.

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The Easiest Way to Improve Takeout Sales Performance : 

The Easiest Way to Improve Takeout Sales Performance Noah Glass Chief Executive Officer

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$185,000 increase per unit

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POS Integration

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$200 One time. Flat.

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1. Thank you for calling Pinch & S’MAC at 474 Columbus. This is David. 2. Am I speaking with Noah? 3. Would you like the same Chopped Salad and Napoletana Major Munch you got last time? CHECKOUT GO TO MENU Order History – Noah Glass – 646-555-5555

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110% number of calls 110% average order size 121% x

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Email me

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