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Instead of waiting in line to order and waiting in line to pay, GoMobo creates an express pickup line so that customers can order and pay ahead and “Skip the Line” at the restaurant. InformationWeek calls GoMobo the “Fandango of Food”


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Check out eROI's Subway "Sandwich Artist": www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhuaS6mlk0s

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GoMobo Agency Briefing Mobile & Online Ordering Noah N. Glass CEO, GoMobo Online Ordering

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Order Pay

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“GoMobo’s comprehensive online and mobile ordering system is the best on the market.” Jonathan Feld – SUBWAY® Chairman, FAFT Market 1

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Source: *http://www.qsrmagazine.com/articles/exclusives/0109/pizza-1.phtml No Online Ordering Online Ordering +25%

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1-Touch Store Locator™

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Remote Order & Pay

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25% 40% $100 $175

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12M Gen Y Users* * http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/06/08/AR2009060802169.html ** http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/09/06/12/new_study_shows_iphone_users_to_be_in_a_class_by_themselves.html *** http://148apps.biz/ 67% earn $70k+** 1B Downloads***

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Source: Time analysis from “Media Consumption Patterns” JupiterResearch (May 2007); Advertising spend from Universal McCann (June 2007) and eMarketer “US Online Overview” (Oct 2007); Google internal estimates Restaurant Advertising Avg Media Consumption Online 12 hours/week 41% 34 hours/week Close the Gap The Opportunity Online Ads 67% CMOs say <10% of budget

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Digital Assets Today: Restaurant websites Email/mobile databases Gift and reward cards Goals: Engage the customer Help the customer locate stores Discount Empower the customer to buy

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Payment Processor Mobile Networks Data Team Distributed Common Web Framework Mobile Website White Labeled Website Engine POS API GoMobo Platform API IVR Standards-compliant Website Fax Restaurant Menu & Reporting Portal Admin Tools Ordering & Payment Engine Call Center Ticketing Tools Deals & Rewards Qualification Email & SMS Marketing Engine Gift & Loyalty Card Integration Location-Based iPhone Ordering Text Ordering Restaurant Fax Customer-facing Online Ordering 24 Hour Call Center Mobile Web Automatic IVR Notification Calls Reporting & Feedback to Restaurants Reporting Engine Monitoring & Escalation Menu Import & Synchronization Loyalty Programs Template Engine 3rd Party Apps

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Location-Based iPhone Ordering Text Ordering Customer-facing Online Ordering Mobile Web 3rd Party Apps GoMobo Agency™

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GoMobo Agency™

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In Summary: You can Increase Same Store Sales by 25% by Engaging Generation Y Closing the Gap in Online Ad Spend Making Digital Assets Transactional GoMobo Agency™ can help

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Email noah|at|gomobo.com

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