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Despite its many challenges, this economic environment also offers quick service and fast casual restaurant great new opportunities to tap into the $18.5 billion online catering market as buyers trade down and demand quick service prices for large group orders. This 10-minute video gives you a high-level overview of the 2009 catering opportunity and describes how GoMobo Online Ordering provides a turnkey solution that gives restaurants control for just $2/day. Call GoMobo at 646.723.4333


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GoMobo Online Ordering is the industry-leading mobile and online ordering solution at a fraction of the cost of other online ordering providers. Now any restaurant can add online ordering for just $2/day. Call GoMobo at 646.723.4333 to learn more.

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Adapt and Thrive: Online Catering for Large Groups Noah N. Glass CEO, GoMobo Online Ordering

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“GoMobo’s comprehensive online and mobile ordering system is the best on the market.” Jonathan Feld – SUBWAY® Chairman, FAFT Market 1

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$18.5 billion #1: Catering is an enormous market Source: Technomic LOOP 2007-2008 Study

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$8,000 – $14,000 #2: Buyers are extremely valuable Source: Technomic LOOP 2007-2008 Study

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Local Caterer Price Point Quick Service Price Point #3: In this economy, buyers are trading down

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What would happen today?

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Online Catering Menu 24-Hour Lead Times Configurable Delivery Settings Prepaid, PCI-Compliant Transactions Interactive Marketing Tools GoMobo Online Ordering gives you control

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Call GoMobo Now at 646.723.4333 or email

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