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8ight LLC is the first to discover this breakthrough technology and bring it to market and is registered in several countries as a medical device.


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Holographic Disc and Bands have been proved to Increase Muscle Endurance, Balance, Stamina and Control Pain in Elite Athletes

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Elite Athletes use 8ight Holograms and Holographic Wrist Bands to enhance performance 8ight Technology can also be used effectively by the Military, FBI, CIA, Police, And other Protector Organizations 8ight’s Proven products are non-invasive and non-addictive and can also be used by the general public For Performance, Pain Relief and Radiation Counterbalancing

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8ight Started in HAWAII in 2007 with excellent results in 2007 and UNDEFEATED 12 – 0 in 2008 WINNING FORMUAL Superior Open-minded Coaching + Superior Open-minded Training + Superior Open-minded Athletes + Maximum Performance From Natural Holographic Signaling = WINNERS

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Coaches and teams Love 8ight Performance Bands 2010 College Bowl Season

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Winning Players Really Understand 8ight Technology Holographic Wrist Bands give them performance to spare. Including Last Two Years Heisman Winners

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Wayne “Lights Out” Johnson – The TV show “The Contender” Two time Olympian and current National Champion Sprint Cycling Champion, Giddeon Massie. Bryan Brothers, Five Time Australian Open Winners 2011 Olympian Apollo Ono Mark Bailey Martial Arts Hall of Fame 27 World Titles Q School completed and ready for the LPGA Golfers love 8ight bands and holograms

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Energy Medicine THE NEXT FRONTIER “We begin to realize that the next big frontier...in medicine is energy medicine.” Dr. Mehmet Oz. 8ight Holographic Discs have been Classified as a Class 1 Medical Device by Health Canada

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What is the Difference in Allopathic (Western) Medicine and Energy Medicine Allopathic Medicine is based on Newtonian physics. This principal simply states everything operates like a machine from the universe to the body. So to fix the machine you have to fix the pieces using surgery, and drugs to treat the symptoms, which does not work well at all. Surgery we have to have, but drugs are highly suspect to say the least. The average medical student get 15 minutes of training in medical school on the placebo effect, and yet 1/3 of all medical healings are Based on the placebo effect. There is obviously something else involved in the healing process. So the order is DNA RNA Protein (Particle)

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Quantum Physics on the other hand is based on The Field and The Field controls the particle. A magnetic has a magnetic field, the earth has a magnetic field, and the body has a biofield, confirmed by the NIH. You cannot see any of these fields but they can all be proved to exist. We have chosen The Field side to create reactions with the body and when we do a live blood, or a muscle endurance test, and we see absolute recordable reactions from nothing but our holograms there is nothing to refute. We have issues with the Drugs side, but work well with the Surgery side.

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THE WORLD LEADER 8ight is the original creator in communicating with the body using holographic technology. Specific data known to naturally enhance the body’s performance is lasered and imprinted into every holographic disc . How does 8ight Holographic Technology Work

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Hologram CD Like a computer disc, each holographic disc stores longitudinal scalar wave information based on molecular signatures, light and sound. The information is based on formulas that have been shown to positively influence the body based on TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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SCALAR WAVES Color, geometry, sound , light, and negative ions are programmed into each disc or band to get the desired effect.

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Body Temperature Air Temperature Golden Mean Golden Mean Golden Mean Holographic signaling effect on the body. The combination of thermoelectric charge, light based scalar waves, numbers, geometry, color, and temperature creates a sustained energetic charge on an acupoint, which in turn energizes a meridian system as described in (TCM) Traditional Chinese Medicine. The body’s reaction is similar to acupuncture, which provides temporary stimulation vs the more sustained energetic charge of temperature and light programmed holograms. 8ight Holographic Signal Transduction & Storage Diagram Natural Holographic storage and signaling of information using temperature, light, sound Meyl Scalar Wave Programming Constructive Interference Patterns Stored and Transmitted + Intention + Double 8’s Number Influence + Octagonal Influence (8 Geometry) + 12 Sided Star Geometric Influence + Mathematical Vortex + 2 nd Holographic Layer Separator Outside the Holograms Body Receives Thermal, Geometric, Numeric, and Light Reflected Signals Programmed Thermal Photon Energetic Effect 1st Holographic Layer Separator + 3 rd Holographic Layer Separator Photons of Light Information AcuPoint Under the Hologram Sun or Other Light Forms action Cooling

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ENERGETIC IMPACT When the hologram is applied to your body or clothing, it thermoelectrically enters your body. Once the 8ight disc is in your energy field your body accesses the information through acupuncture points. Temperature differential between the air and body creates an energetic impact through the holograms on acupoints .

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WHY USE ACUPUNCTURE/ACUPRESSURE POINTS? The energy field becomes the carrier wave for the accessed information. To stimulate an acu-point just as needles would do in acupuncture , we recommend holographic placement on these points for a longer energetic impact. Acupuncture treatment time - 4 to 6 hours Holographic Disc treatment - several days

Research Quantum Physics Spin and design provided big keys:

Research Quantum Physics Spin and design provided big keys

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Spectravision Measures: Color Chakra’s Glands Hormones Vitamins Minerals Cell Salts Viruses Parasites Bacteria And more... 8ight uses the most advanced testing equipment in formulating our holograms All 8ight claims are backed by machine testing and human trials

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Testing Equipment Spectralite Measures: Energy in Body Chakra’s Bio-coherence Heart Rate

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Testing Equipment BioExplorer Measures: Energy in Body Chakra’s Bio-coherence Heart Rate

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Testing Equipment Oximeter Measures: Heart Rate Oxygen Intake FDA Approved Used by Blackhawk helicopter pilots

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View inside cells to see red cells separate (Zeta Potential), spin rate, vibration rate and movement in the blood stream FDA Approved Live blood cell analysis Testing Equipment Independent Research, HealthWalk Richardson Technologies Microscope

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Testing Equipment Independent Research HealthWalk Infrared Thermal Imaging Measures: Before and after images Tied into Duke University

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University of Alabama study showed muscle endurance increase and improved recovery using 8ight holograms. Study will be presented in June 11 at the National Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine. Publication will be in Medicine and Science is Sports and Exercise. Further studies are being IRB approved at the Andrews Clinic in Birmingham, Considered the top orthopedic Surgery Center in the country. Study will evaluate Muscle Endurance, Stamina and Balance and should be completed in March 2011.

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