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Genre Genre/Barthes Codes

Generic Conventions of Your Film:

Generic Conventions of Your Film Which Genre(s) does your film belong to ? The Crime/Noir Genre Give examples of conventions of those genres you followed (how did you fulfil audience expectation) The story follow a similar crime style genre, the cinematography takes inspiration from Noir films. Which conventions did you NOT follow?(How did you vary the generic conventions) The convention of a man being the lead seen in both genres is challenged by having a girl be the lead. This Challenges the convention given to women of the femme fatale trope by not being sexualised. If your film is a hybrid give examples of following varying conventions from each genre The style and cinematography follows classical Noir whilst the narrative and plot follow conventional crime story.

Compare and Contrast Your Film:

Compare and Contrast Your Film Compare and contrast your film to 3 examples(YOUR INFLUENTIAL FILMS). Sin City, Dexter, Death Note N arrative structure Follows a very similar narrative structure as both Death note and Dexter in which the narrative goes full circle. Although my film uses flashbacks, The story still flows in the same way. The structure however is very different from Sin city due to the film being a collection of short stories told in non chronological order. Plot The plot follows very similar to that of Dexter, however instead of the lead up to the killer being caught, we see the aftermath and the lead up is told through the flashbacks Themes The Message throughout the film is that there are always two sides to a story. This challenges Sin city and Dexter as throughout their stories we are only ever told the antagonists side of the story. Death Note is very different in that we see both sides of the story. Characters The characters of Identified are both similar and different from their inspiration. Although many characters follow generic stereotypes such as the good cop and some traits for the victims, the main difference is that of the killer. By having the killer female, the convention of the antagonist being male is challenged. Setting/ mise - en -scene The setting is very different from my influence sources due to the location. Due to us being located in Britain, the film features many British elements which are very different from the American and Japanese elements from the Influences. The mise - en -scene is very similar to that of Dexter in the placement of police themed equipment. Cinematography/Editing (for example, types of shot, pace, transitions, music) The cinematography takes ideas from both Sin city and Dexter. Sin City uses very complex shots which are simple yet can imply certain messages such as who is more powerful in the scene, the emotion the character is feeling (lonely, angry etc ) or the relationship between a character. The transitions are kept very simple similar to Dexter and the music is all non diegetic, similar to certain scenes from Sin City.

Barthes Codes:

Barthes Codes Apply Barthes Codes to your film For example, how did you create expectation (enigma) I created an enigma through the story. In the story we know that the killer had killed three people who are seen as good, the audience however don’t know the reason why or how she did. This is the enigma of the film which isn't reviled until the second half of the film. How did you build suspense (action enigma etc ) I built suspense through cinematography. I used certain camera angles and shots to build up the suspense. An example of this is when John is kidnapped, the shots are designed to show he is being stalked by the killer How did you use symbolism? The main example of symbolism is during the bullying flashback scene between Alice and the killer. In this scene we see the extent of the killers transformation from nice to who we see throughout the film. The book to killer is reading the first book of the Dexter series which the tv show is based off. This is a example of symbolism of her change as like the main character, she is a killer of killers.

Genre as a Concept:

Genre as a Concept Do you think genre is a useful concept to apply to your short film? Genre is a useful concept as it groups certain films with the same conventions together. The fact that genres can be challenged and altered to make something brand new is very useful. Because of genre, the audience can recognise the conventions of a film to which they can decide if it appeals to them. Genre is still important for short films as the appeal factor still stands.

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