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A basic guide for using the sauna safely


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Sauna Safety Guide If you are thinking of buying a sauna there are a lot of guides out there such as this one from However the most important thing that you need to know are the safety tips and possible dangers that can be associated with it. Dehydration If you use the sauna on a regular basis there is the risk of being dehydrated. Of course there are ways to prevent this such as replenishing liquid in between sessions. Some of the symptoms that you might experience if you are suffering from dehydration are headaches dizziness or dry mouth. Being thirsty and dry skin are also symptoms that you may experience. You should always drink some water in between sessions and if you are not feeling well you should stop the session and rest. Once you feel better and you are rehydrated you shouldn’t go back to the sauna immediately. Take off everything When you are inside the sauna room you should be naked or if you are uncomfortable being naked with other people use a towel to cover your private parts. Everything else should be taken off this means no jewelry watch earrings etc. The temperature in the sauna room can get very high and these metals may heat up and cause burns. Alternate between hot and cold After a few minutes in the sauna you should cool off this can be a cold shower swimming in the pool or anything that can cool you down. Alternating between hot and cold sessions will make the sauna experience better overall. Protect your hair and your skin Your scalp can be negatively affected by the heat in a sauna room and cause it to dry out. To counter this you should wear some type of cover for your hair so that there is a layer of protection for it. As for your skin you should moisturize after a session because the skin can become dry once you are out of the sauna room and air hits it. Don’t drink alcohol during and before a sauna sessions Drinking alcohol before or during a sauna bath can cause a lot of problems. One of them is low blood pressure and this may cause dizziness and in some cases cause you to faint or pass out which is very dangerous especially if you are inside a sauna room that has a very high temperature. Don’t overstay in the sauna room

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Discipline is important no matter how much you are enjoying the sauna bath you should never stay in for longer than 20 minutes per session. If you do you may experience overheating and this will just cause health risks that you don’t want. 15 – 20 minutes is the recommended time to stay in the sauna per session. Consult your doctor if you are unsure If you have health problems such as heart conditions you should always check with your doctor before going into the sauna.

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